We’ve written a lot about instant offer dealerships like CarMax, Carvana, and Vroom and how their claims of a fast, fair price really don’t hold up when it comes to used Teslas. These online dealerships have no idea what Teslas are worth, and the instant offer you get from them doesn’t reflect the real market value of your Tesla’s features and options.

But wouldn’t it be sweet to have an easy, no-nonsense sale when you decide to sell your used Tesla? Is there a way to get a reasonable, fair market price online for a vehicle that’s got more variation and value than Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds can keep up with?

We couldn’t stop thinking about it. So when we got a dealer partner with Tesla experience that wanted to see the same thing happen, we knew the idea’s time had come!

Fellow Tesla enthusiasts, we’d like to present you with Find My Electric’s Instant Cash Offer system: get a hassle-free cash offer for your Tesla from our dealership network, vetted and verified by Find My Electric.

We’ve been working around the clock to make this happen for our customers, and we’re happy to say that it’s up, running, and already producing results. Check out our testimonial from Heather G. in Los Angeles, who used our Instant Cash Offer system almost as soon as it launched to sell her 2021 Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWD:

“The instant cash offer option was a lot easier for me. It took away a lot of the additional work of meeting someone, hashing out the pricing and payment along with the Tesla stuff of changing ownership of the car’s title and vehicle access through the Tesla app. Thanks!”

Everything about the sale is taken care of as simply as possible. Virtual vehicle inspection, pickup from your driveway, and all the necessary legal stuff is directed and taken care of by our trusted dealers.

Here’s how it works:

Request a Cash Offer, With or Without a Listing

We’re still the Ultimate Tesla Marketplace guys with the best listing service out there, and we definitely advocate for our Featured Listing service to get the most money for your Tesla (have you seen the used Tesla market lately? The return for a private sale is incredible!).

But here’s the beauty of the Instant Cash Offer system: you can list your Tesla and ask for an offer at the same time.

Here’s how it works:

Fill out The Form

  • Give Us the Details: year, model, trim, mileage, interior and exterior color(s), VIN, you know the drill.
  • Location and Loan Status: because our network needs to know where to pick up your car and what paperwork to prep.
  • Add Photos: 3-5 of them, to be precise. Make sure to show your Tesla off from the best angles possible.
  • Describe Your Tesla: give us a quick rundown of its condition and any aftermarket mods.

Submit to Our Online Dealership Network

After you fill out the form, click “Submit.” Our network of trusted dealerships from across the nation takes it from there.

We’ve carefully selected and negotiated with every one of the dealerships in our network to make our Instant Cash Offer possible. Find My Electric’s standard for Tesla knowledge and experience for dealerships is high, and we make sure our partner dealerships understand the importance and value of Tesla’s features and options.

After one of our trusted dealerships contacts you and makes a cash offer for your Tesla, there’s only one thing left to do:

Accept the Offer and Sell Your Tesla!

Or don’t accept, and sell your Tesla privately!

So the beauty of Find My Electric’s Instant Cash Offer system is that you can get a cash offer for your Tesla with or without accepting it immediately.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: a private sale will get you the highest price in the online market for your Tesla.

But not everybody wants to go through some of the hoops selling privately requires. While some of us are super pumped when it comes to talking to strangers about our Tesla and its amazing acceleration, mileage, and autopilot features, some of us really…aren’t. And some of us just want to get a fast online quote (we Tesla enthusiasts do like fast, right?).

Our recommendation to everyone wondering how to sell a Tesla online: try both options! You’ve got the best of both worlds right here on Find My Electric. We offer a robust listing option that reaches thousands of potential buyers per day, and you can create a listing in minutes! And while you’re at it, submit that same info for an Instant Cash Offer.

Looking to sell a Model 3 with Premium Connectivity? Got a Model Y Performance with a killer custom burnt orange paint job? It’s the dream of a buyer who’s already looking at listings on Find My Electric (we know, we’ve seen the site metrics).

At the same time, submit your info for an Instant Cash Quote and see what our network of dealerships will offer for your Tesla. It’s the same info you’d submit on a listing, so why not? And we made it easy: if you’ve already filled out your listing, you can access our instant quote tool straight from your seller dashboard.

Bonus: Well-Known Aftermarket Mods Don’t Count Against You

One of the big reasons that we’ve spoken out against instant offer options in the past is that many dealerships drop their offers in response to aftermarket mods. Selling or even trading a Tesla with aftermarket modifications to a dealership is typically going to get you a lower offer than on the private market.

Many dealers simply don’t want to bother with figuring out aftermarket mod value for each online car quote. Carvana’s instant offer won’t reflect added value for aftermarket mods. A CarMax instant offer algorithm may even count the mod against you when calculating your quote.

That’s not the case with our dealership partners. They know what aftermarket brands like T Sportline, Unplugged Performance, and EVANNEX can do for a Tesla and how much value they add. Don’t let those sexy TS117 21” shoes you threw on your Model S go unappreciated!

Check out Find My Electric’s Instant Cash Offer system today! If you already have a listing with us, everything is easily available through your login. If not, get started by creating a listing for your used Tesla or check out our Instant Cash Quote page by hitting the big, red “Instant Cash Offer” button in the top menu (or by simply clicking here).