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Used Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD

Initially distributed to first-in-line buyers in 2017, the Model 3 Long Range RWD was the introductory offering of Tesla’s Model 3 production line. A five-seat sedan with a new drivetrain design and a smaller body compared to its predecessor, the Model S, the Model 3 Long Range boasted a 325 mile range and a 0 – 60 mph acceleration time of about 5 seconds.

Thanks to the lithium ion battery pack sitting heavily in the bottom of the chassis, the low center of gravity in the Model 3 Long Range RWD created dynamics for an excellent, road-hugging driving experience. Plans for the base Model 3 with a smaller range and another long range with all wheel drive culminated in the discontinuation of the Model 3 Long Range RWD by late 2019.

The Model 3 Long Range was produced with hardware capability for Autopilot, Tesla’s driver’s assistance software. Buyers could purchase Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) or Full Self Driving (FSD) software that included features such as Summon, Autopark, Auto Lane Change, and Navigate as well as promises of future vehicle driving autonomy.

Interior color options in the Model 3 Long Range RWD were limited to an All Black color scheme in early production and an additional Black and White scheme for a short time in 2019. Cabin features of the Model 3 included comfortable synthetic Vegan Leather seating material and a 15” touchscreen control panel that accesses the majority of the vehicle’s systems. To increase comfort, a Premium Upgrade package was offered that added 12-way adjustable, heated front seats.

The exterior of the Model 3 Long Range AWD came in a handful of color options and included two aluminum alloy Wheel options: the base 18” Wheel or the upgraded 19” Wheel. While efficiency ratings were taken using the base Wheel design, some drivers have noted that the 19” design improves grip and handling on the Model 3. The conservative paint palette that complemented the Wheel design included Solid Black as the base paint as well as options for Deep Blue Metallic, Red Multi-Coat, Pearl White Multi-Coat, and Midnight Silver Metallic.

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