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Sell Your Tesla Model Y Online at Find My Electric – The #1 Used Tesla Website

Thinking about selling your Model Y? Wondering where (or how) to sell it?

If you answered yes to either of those questions—you’ve come to the right place!

Chances are, questions like “Where’s the best place to sell my Model Y” or “How do I sell my Model Y?” have crossed your mind at one point or another…and we’ve got the answer for you—it’s Find My Electric!

We built Find My Electric to be the ultimate used Tesla marketplace—and our main goal is connecting buyers and sellers of quality used Tesla vehicles, so if you’re looking to sell your Model Y for TOP DOLLAR, there’s no better place to do it!

Thousands of eager used Tesla buyers visit Find My Electric each and every day looking for exactly what you’re selling—and it’s never been easier to get in front of these targeted buyers!

Simply click the button below, and your Model Y can be showcased to eager used Tesla buyers in minutes!

What Makes Find My Electric the Best Place to Sell a Tesla Model Y

Here’s the 100% honest truth with respect to selling a Tesla—all those used car websites you see—well, they’re terrible for selling electric cars. Like, seriously terrible…

Why? Well, it’s not that complicated really—these websites were all designed for gasoline-powered vehicles, and they simply haven’t caught up to time times yet…

This is painfully evident when you list an electric car, and they still ask how many cylinders your engine has! If there was ever a time for an eyeroll emoji, this is it!

So, what’s the solution? Selling your Model Y on Find My Electric—where it’s nothing but Tesla buyers, and our entire system is created to showcase Tesla vehicles and features!

Buyers LOVE Find My Electric, and as a seller, that’s great for you!

We built Find My Electric to be the most technologically-advanced used Tesla marketplace on the web—and there’s no better place to get noticed by a flood of Tesla buyers searching for exactly what you’re selling!

Sell Your Used Model Y
Find My Electric the Best Place to Sell Your Used Tesla Model Y

Ready to Sell Your Model Y?

List your Tesla Model Y for sale on the most advanced platform available today. Get in front of thousands of eager Model Y buyers within minutes!


Looking for a Used Model Y?

With our cutting-edge search technology, we make it easy to find the exact Model Y you're looking for. Save time, save money, and find the perfect used Model Y!


It's FREE to Sell Your Model Y

No way, really? It’s free? Yep—100% free. We offer a free listing option that gives you 7 days to advertise your car at zero cost! No fees, no BS!

Build a Professional Ad in Minutes

Unlike other EV websites where you’re stuck waiting on them to post your ad—at Find My Electric we’re totally self-serve. You can build a killer professional ad in minutes! And of course, we’re always here to help if you need it!

FREE AutoCheck Vehicle History Report with Your Listing

You heard it right—FREE! If you choose our Featured listing package, you get a $24.95 Experian AutoCheck (much better than CARFAX) vehicle history report totally free!

Thousands of Model Y Buyers Every Day

When you sell your Tesla Model Y on Find My Electric, your listing will be seen by thousands of eager Model Y buyers each day—not people looking for gas cars—people looking for exactly what you’re selling!

Expert Help When You Need It

As Tesla enthusiasts, we’re strong believers in creating a truly great product that people love. And to make Find My Electric as great as possible, we’re here to help 24/7/365. Just reach out via email/phone/text and any time!

Fastest Growing Tesla Site

Without a doubt, Find My Electric is the #1 fastest growing used Tesla website on the entire Internet! When you list here, your Model Y will be SEEN by THOUSANDS!

Sell My Model Y on Find My Electric
Sell My Model Y on Find My Electric

How Much Does It Actually Cost to Sell My Tesla Model Y Here? What Are the Catches or Hidden Fees?

NO catches, NO hidden fees, and NO BS! Ever!

We believe in creating a truly great product that’s as transparent as anything can ever be! And because of that, our pricing is super simple. There are really just two options: Free and Featured.

Free is just that—totally free. You can list your Model Y for sale on Find My Electric for 7 days at zero cost to you. No fees if it sells—nothing at all.

The second option is Featured, and that’s a simple one-time charge of $89. With a Featured Listing, you get 20 pictures (vs. 3 with Free), complimentary AutoCheck vehicle history report, and some other really cool bells and whistles.

Check out the table below to see a full breakdown of our Free vs. Featured packages!

  • Listing Expires
  • Number of Photos
  • Listing Position
  • Email Shown on Listing
  • Phone Number Shown
  • AutoCheck® Report
  • View Counter
  • Homepage Feature
  • Bolded Listing
list your Tesla, absolutely free
  • 7 days
  • 3 photos
  • Bottom of page
  • Yes
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No

I’ve Heard a Lot of Buzz About “Offer Sites” Like Vroom, CarMax, or Carvana—Isn’t It Easier to Click a Button and Get an Offer on My Model Y?

Honestly—we don’t think it’s worth it. Why? Because that offer is going to be LOW. Like, really low…

It will be substantially lower than what you could sell your Model Y for on Find My Electric, and there’s good reason for that…

All of those “click to get an offer” style used car websites you see—well, they are run by dealers—and those dealers have to work off margins. Which means that in order to make a profit, they need to buy your Tesla for less than it’s actually worth, so they can turn around and sell it for more.

Which raises the question—if there was a simple way to reach tons of used Model Y buyers—and get the highest price for your Tesla, why wouldn’t you do that?

Lucky for you—there is a solution, and it’s Find My Electric!

FAQ: Commonly-Asked Questions About Selling Your Tesla Model Y Online

Find My Electric is super simple to use—but we understand that you still might have questions about the selling process and how it works.

So, we’ve put together a short FAQ section below that covers some of the most common questions we get. If you’ve got questions you don’t see covered here, you can check out our full FAQ page, or reach out and contact us at any time!

Tesla Model Y Red

Wait—so it’s really free to sell my Model Y here?!

YES! It’s totally free!

With our Free package, you get to upload 3 pictures, and your ad runs for 7 days. After that, you can upgrade to the Featured package if you’d like.

If your car sells while on the Free package there are no fees, no nothing!

With the Featured package, you get more benefits like a free vehicle history report, 20 photos, and your Tesla stays on the site till it sells (or you choose to take it down). You also get priority listing on the site, so most people choose the Featured package and find it to be an incredible value—but the choice is yours! You can always try it for free first, and upgrade later if you’d like.

Tesla Model Y Red
Tesla Model Y White Paddleboard

I’ve heard I can just sell my Tesla Model Y back to Tesla—shouldn’t I just do that?

It’s always an option to sell your Tesla Model Y back to Tesla—this is commonly called a “trade-in” and it’s how most dealers acquire used cars.

While Tesla isn’t a dealer per se, they definitely take cars on trade-in, but there’s one big problem with that—they’re still going to offer you quite a bit less than you could sell it for on Find My Electric.

Why is this? Again, it’s because they need to make the margins work, and they’ll want to resell your Model Y for more than they paid you.

Even though some people ultimately choose this option, we think it’s a better idea to sell it outright and get the most money for your Model Y!

Tesla Model Y Interior

How do I choose a good price for my Model Y that will help it sell fast?

Pricing questions are among the most common questions we get—and we’re always here to help!

The great thing about Find My Electric is it’s free to list—so you can test out a price point and it costs you nothing. You can also edit your listing at any time without contacting us (just login and change your price—it’s that simple!). So, it’s quite easy to test different price points.

That said, if you’re having trouble determining whether or not you’ve set a good price—just simply reach out to us and we’ll help you set an awesome price that gets your Model Y noticed!

Tesla Model Y Interior
Tesla Model Y Blue
What happens after I sell my Tesla Model Y? How do I complete the sale with the buyer?

This part is totally up to you! Similar to other classified sites like Craigslist, etc.—we don’t get involved in the transaction between the buyer and seller.

So, the title transfer and payment is up to you how you’d like to accomplish this. That said, most sellers tell us that dealing with members of the Tesla community is much easier than dealing with other car communities, and we’ve heard about tons of positive experiences!

That said—if there’s any way we can help answer questions or assist, please feel free to reach out!

Are You Ready to Sell Your Model Y FAST and for TOP DOLLAR?

Find My Electric is the #1 used Tesla marketplace on the web, and the is the best place to sell a Tesla Model Y—hands down!
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