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Are you considering selling your Cybertruck? Have you been searching for the best place to sell it?

Well, you’re in luck—because Find My Electric is the #1 used Tesla marketplace in the US, and we specialize in selling high-end Teslas like Model S and X Plaid, and the awesome new Tesla Cybertruck!

So, if you’ve been thinking things like “where is the best place to sell my Cybertruck” or “how do I sell my Cybertruck for the most money?” you’ve 100% come to the right place!

We built Find My Electric to be the ultimate Tesla marketplace—and our main goal is connecting buyers and sellers of used Tesla vehicles. We offer a few great ways to sell your Cybertruck FAST and also get TOP DOLLAR!
The truth is, thousands and thousands of eager Cybertruck buyers visit our site every day, so there’s no better place to sell!

Simply click the button below, and your Tesla Cybertruck can be shown to eager buyers in minutes!

What Makes Find My Electric the Best Place to Sell a Tesla Cybertruck?

The honest truth is that when it comes to selling a Tesla (especially a Cybertruck)—all those used car websites, they just don’t cut it with EV buyers… They are poorly-organized, don’t have information EV buyers want, like Autopilot Software, range, battery size, and much more.

This is seriously clear when you go to list an EV on one of those sites—they just don’t have what it takes to get top dollar for an EV and sell it fast. They simply don’t have the right audience, and weren’t built for EVs.

The solution is selling on Find My Electric—where thousands and thousands of eager EV buyers visit each day, looking for exactly what you’re selling—a Tesla Cybertruck!

Buyers LOVE Find My Electric, and as a Cybertruck seller—that’s great for you!

We built Find My Electric to be an enthusiast-driven, high-tech marketplace designed from the bottom up to connect EV buyers and sellers—and there’s no better place to get noticed by a flood of Cybertruck buyers than right here!

Ready to Sell Your Cybertruck?

List your Tesla Cybertruck for sale on the most advanced platform available today. Get in front of thousands of eager Cybertruck buyers within minutes!


Looking for a Used Cybertruck?

With our cutting-edge buyer search technology, we make it was to find the exact Cybertruck that you’re looking for. Save time, save money, and find the perfect used Tesla Cybertruck!


Biggest Tesla Site on the Web

Find My Electric is the #1 and fastest growing used Tesla website online! Listing here gets your Cybertruck seen by THOUSANDS of buyers!

Build a Pro Ad in Minutes

Unlike other gas car websites, our ads are easy to create and specifically tailored to EVs, especially for models like Cybertruck, highlighting important features!

FREE AutoCheck Vehicle History Report with Listing

You’re reading it right—you get a totally FREE Experian AutoCheck vehicle history report (a $24.95 value) when you list your Cybertruck on Find My electric!

Thousands of Cybertruck Buyers Each and Every Day

When you sell your Tesla Cybertruck on Find My Electric, it will be seen by thousands of EV buyers each day—not people looking for gas cars!

Expert Help for Sellers

We’re Tesla enthusiasts, and we believe in creating an awesome product that people love. Because of that, we’re here to help Featured Listing customers 24/7/365 via email, phone or text!

Sell Your Cybertruck Fast

Find My Electric is the best place to sell a Cybertruck, without a doubt. We have more EV-specific buyers visiting our site each day than anywhere else!

Don't take our word for it...

See why our customers love us & list your Cybertruck today!

Excellent - 4.9 / 5 Customer Rating

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Tesla Cybertruck Reservation Delivery
Tesla Cybertruck Reservation Delivery

How Much Does It Cost to Sell My Tesla Cybertruck Here? Are There Hidden Fees?

NO catches, NO hidden fees, and NO BS! Ever!

We believe in creating a great product that people truly love, and because of this, we’re 100% transparent in our buying and selling process.

You can either list totally free, or pay a $49 one-time flat fee for a Featured Listing which comes with some great benefits for your Cybertruck.

Check out a breakdown of our listing features below:

  • Number of Photos
  • AutoCheck® Report
  • Homepage Feature
  • Expert Pricing Help
  • Contact Info Shown
  • Bolded Listing
  • Top Listing Position
  • View Counter/Analytics
  • Live Phone Support
list your Cybertruck, absolutely free
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Looking to Sell FAST? Get a Cash Offer From Your EV Dealer Network

At Find My Electric, we offer two awesome ways to sell:

1) You can List your Cybertruck for sale in our marketplace and sell it yourself
2) You can also get an EV Cash Offer from our nationwide EV Dealer Network

Getting a cash offer is quick, easy, and avoids the potential extra time it takes to sell privately.

Our customers often do BOTH—list, AND request a cash offer!
It’s totally free to request a cash offer, and there’s no obligation to accept, so why not request a cash offer for your Cybertruck too?

FAQ: Common Questions About Selling Your Tesla Cybertruck Online

Read our most common questions about selling a Cybertruck online:

Why should I sell my Tesla Cybertruck here?

Find My Electric has been in business since 2019 and has quickly rocketed to the #1 used EV marketplace on the internet and in the US, with over $350 million dollars in vehicles passed through our platform. We have a 4.9/5 customer service rating on Trustpilot.com, and NOBODY knows EVs like we do!

How much should I ask for my Cybertruck?

Setting the perfect asking price is really important when it comes to EVs, because OEMs like Tesla and Rivian have trained people to “click and buy” where the price is fixed and there’s no negotiation. This means that EV buyers shop differently, and will often pass over vehicles that are priced outside of fair market value. With a Featured Listing, you get the full force of our expert team to help you set the perfect asking price on your Cybertruck!

How long will it take for me to sell my Cybertruck?

This is highly dependent upon your asking price and your responsiveness as a seller, but with a Featured Listing, we’ll do everything we can to help you ensure a quick and swift sale!

What happens after I sell my Cybertruck? How do I complete the sale?

We recommend using our trusted and verified partners, such as KeySavvy, for handling the title and payment, ensuring a risk-free sale. And if you need any information along the way, we’re here to help Featured Listing customers too!

I have a question that’s not answered here about selling my Cybertruck—how do I contact Find My Electric?

No problem! We’re happy always happy to talk with customers! You can contact us at any time!

Are You Ready to Sell Your Cybertruck FAST and for TOP DOLLAR?

Find My Electric is the #1 used Tesla marketplace on the web, and the is the best place to sell a Tesla Cybertruck—hands down!
Click the button below and get your Cybertruck seen by thousands of eager Tesla buyers in minutes!

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