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Highest Traffic Numbers

Find My Electric has thousands of visitors a day and is on track for 1-million+ visitors annually. In fact, SEMrush ranks us as the #1 used Tesla website in the world based on search engine traffic rankings alone.

Serious Tesla Buyers

Our buyer traffic is comprised of Tesla enthusiasts. When you list with Find My Electric your listing will be seen by thousands of buyers who know these cars and are serious about making an offer to purchase yours.

World-Class Seller Support

Our Minneapolis-based team is avaliable via email and phone to answer all your selling questions. From expert pricing guidance to ensuring your listing features are accurate and complete—we’ve got you covered.

Supporting Tesla's Mission

Read what Tesla, Inc. has said about Find My Electric!

“We are happy to have you supporting the Tesla mission. Best of luck!”
⁠— Darla L. / San Diego, CA / Tesla, Inc.

Customer Reviews

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Steve K Pleasanton CA 2017 Model S 100D
2017 Model S 100D sold on Find My Electric

“I sold my vehicle this morning for $58,000 which I was happy with. I only listed it on your site, had a few interests, and the buyer is the only person who I actually had to show the car to. Very painless!”
⁠— Steve K. / Pleasanton, CA / 2017 Model S 100D

Heather G. Los Angeles CA 2021 Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWD
2021 Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWD sold on Find My Electric

“The Instant Cash Offer option was a lot easier for me. It took away a lot of the additional work of meeting someone, hashing out the pricing and payment along with the Tesla stuff of changing ownership of the car’s title and vehicle access through the Tesla app. Thanks!”
⁠— Heather G. / Los Angeles, CA / 2021 Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWD

2021 Model S Plaid
2021 Model S Plaid sold on Find My Electric

“Wow! Everything we have listed with you has been sold. We’re getting bombarded by inquiries. Thank you!”
⁠— Dakota B. / Charged Automotive / Lincoln, NE

Bernard G Milwaukee WI 2013 Model S P85
2013 Model S P85 sold on Find My Electric

“Just wanted to let you know that my car sold. I didn’t receive a million responses. What I did get were several well informed, well educated prospects and an acceptable amount of Tesla newbies. Anyway, solid site and a good ending. I’ll be using your site in the future.”
⁠— Bernard G. / Milwaukee, WI / 2013 Model S P85

Julie B East Brunswick NJ 2013 Model S 85
2013 Model S 85 sold on Find My Electric

“I had low expectations when listing my Tesla on FindMyElectric.com. After all that had been my experience with other sites where I had listed it, however I was blown away by the response I received. Furthermore the customer service is beyond exceptional. I would highly recommend this site to anyone looking to sell their electric vehicle. Thank you Find My Electric!”
⁠— Julie B. / East Brunswick, NJ / 2013 Model S 85

Jill H Johnsonton IA 2020 Model X Performance
2020 Model X Performance sold on Find My Electric

“I got 3 bites and 2 offers within 36 hours of posting. Your estimate of my car’s value was dead on! Thanks again for all your help!”
⁠— Jill H. / Johnston, IA / 2020 Model X Performance

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