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Find My Electric supports Tesla’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy by bringing used Teslas and electric vehicles to those seeking to enter the EV market.

FIND MY ELECTRIC: The Ultimate EV Marketplace!

If you’ve spent any time searching for a used Tesla or EV, you know one thing is true—most used car websites are absolutely horrible when it comes to finding a Tesla or electric vehicle…

The truth is, they just don’t get it—they aren’t Tesla or electrification enthusiasts, they don’t follow Elon on Twitter, and they couldn’t tell you the difference between Tesla’s AP1 and AP2 if their lives depended on it. To put it simply—they just plain suck!

And even the sites that do cater to electric cars still make it really difficult find what you’re looking for. They’re cluttered, confusing, and quite honestly—pretty low-quality, especially for the money they charge.

That’s why we built Find My Electric—a new, exciting, cutting-edge way to buy and sell used electric vehicles. Find My Electric is the ultimate EV marketplace, created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

We love EVs—the cars, the products, and the community—and wanted to create a platform that was worthy of just how amazing this brand is. We believe Find My Electric is the best way to buy and sell a used Tesla or EV—period!

So whether you’re browsing for a used Tesla, a Rivian, or want to sell yours, take a minute to look around and let us know you what you think! At the end of the day, our main goal is to follow in the spirit of Elon’s advice and create a truly amazing product that people love using.

— Brian & Dan, Founders of Find My Electric

Find My Electric is the #1 Used Tesla Marketplace in the USA. See what our customers are saying about Find My Electric here!


Find My Electric Model 3 Listing

Aside from being Tesla and EV enthusiasts before the first Model S was even released, we’re also sticklers for quality and function.

With over 20 years combined in the SaaS/web performance industry, we know how to build cool things that just work!

Some of the features exclusive to Find My Electric include:
  • Hundreds of Tesla and EV-specific configurations and options available to create, search, and filter listings using our cutting-edge, proprietary algorithms
  • Create and manage your own listing (you’re in control—no need to interface with us—unless you need help, of course)
  • Your ad runs until it sells with unlimited edits (if you want to change something, update pictures—no problem—just log in and make your changes, it’s quick and easy)
  • Dealer-specific features and pricing
  • Our Instant Cash Offer program brings EV dealers together in one place to bid against each other and give YOU the highest price
  • Created, developed, and run by legit Tesla nerds who are here to help with any part of the process

Read more about our Founding and Vision and see our 2024, 2025, and 2026 roadmap goals here.


Brian Altstatt
Co-Founder & CTO

A self-professed nerd and lover of all things tech, Brian’s interest in Tesla began way back in 2006 when Elon and J.B. were still trying to turn a Lotus Elise into an electric car. Ever since then, he’s been a die-hard fan and brand advocate.

With over a decade of experience in the SaaS/Internet marketing world, he’s always building something new and exciting. Brian holds a B.S. in Computer Science, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Illinois and is the resident Tesla nerd and “keeper of the code” at Find My Electric. In his spare time you can find him geeking out over SpaceX rocket launches, wrenching in his garage, golfing, and doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Dan Oksnevad
Co-Founder & CEO

Dan’s interest in Tesla began before the company went public and quickly grew to become a love for all things Tesla. From actively investing in $TSLA, following the growth of the company, or tracking their latest innovations, Dan is a passionate Tesla fan.

As a marketing-minded entrepreneur, Dan has successfully founded, partnered with, and grown a variety of businesses, including a national BMW parts reseller, marketing consultancy, and craft coffee roaster. When he’s not growth-hacking, Dan enjoys riding motorcycles, boating, being out in nature, and spending time with his wife and their two car-crazy boys.


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