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Built by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, Find My Electric is a vibrant community of like-minded Tesla fans. Learn more about our team and what sets us apart here.

Used Tesla Shopping Reinvented

Used Tesla Shopping Reinvented

Shopping online for a used Tesla is frustrating. Period. Most sites are cluttered with ads or sketchy dealership listings, and even the sites that claim to be EV or Tesla-specific are clunky, hard to use, and just plain don’t work…

If you’ve ever used any of these sites, you know it’s hard to search for the features you want, impossible to sort cars properly, and you can’t even find what you need without a big hassle—which is why we built Find My Electric…because the Tesla community deserves a better way to buy and sell used Teslas!

Selling Your Tesla Has Never Been Easier

Selling Your Tesla Has Never Been Easier

If you’re a Tesla owner looking to sell your vehicle, we’ve got good news for you—it’s never been easier!

On Find My Electric, you’re in control of the entire process. You create and manage your own ad—without any intervention from us (unless you need help, of course!). You can pause, cancel, or edit your ad any time—you’re in total control.

You can have your Tesla for sale on Find My Electric for the world to see in just minutes!

Is It Really FREE to List Your Tesla

Is It Really FREE to Request an Instant Cash Offer?

It sure is—and it’s one of our most popular programs! Every month, tons of people request offers from our verified EV dealer network, and bypass the complexity of selling privately.

We’ve taken the time to vet, verify, and select a comprehensive network of EV dealers across the US who know the ins and outs of Teslas. Our system is structured so these experts compete against each other to bring YOU the highest cash price for your used Tesla. Best of all, it’s free to request an offer and there’s no obligation to accept! If you do accept an offer, they’ll pick your Tesla right up for your driveway—how easy is that? You can request an Instant Cash Offer here!

Finding Used Tesla for Sale

Finding a

Used Tesla for Sale

as a Buyer

The problem with most other car sites is that they’re cluttered, annoying, and difficult to use. They make it extremely hard to drill down and find the exact Tesla you’re looking for. This is because a) they’re created for gas cars, and b) they aren’t built well at all.

For example—let’s say you’re looking for a 2017 Model S P100D, in Obsidian Black Metallic with Full-Self Driving and AP Hardware version 2.5. No problem—within 5 seconds, you can find that on our listings page.

What about a 2019 Model 3 Performance in Red Multi-Coat with an All Black Interior? No problem! A few clicks on our listings page and you can find that too.

We spent over a year developing the algorithms behind Find My Electric in order to make everything as easy as possible for you! We’re passionate about the Tesla community, and we wanted to create something that was truly worthy of just how awesome Teslas are!

used tesla fleet
used tesla fleet lineup

Looking for a Used Tesla Model S or X for Sale?

Whether you’re looking for an older, less expensive Model S because you’re buying your first Tesla and need to keep the price under $40k, or you’re looking to save few bucks on a P100D, we’ve got you covered! The same goes for a used Model X. If you’re tying to find a Model X 100D with a 7-seat interior, you’re only a few clicks away from a seeing list of Model X vehicles that meet your exact criteria!

Find My Electric is the best place to find a used Tesla, anywhere on the Internet! We make it easier than ever before to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Searching for a Used Tesla Model 3 or Y?

Finding a quality used Model 3 for sale can be a big hassle, but it doesn’t have to be! Using our proprietary search algorithms, you can even filter by whether or not the Model 3 has a specific type of wheels (we love the 20” Performance wheels in gray by the way). You can also search by model-specific trim, interior/exterior color—you name it! If you’re in the market for a used Model Y—looking for those awesome Überturbine wheels, we make it easier than ever to find the perfect used Tesla!

And unlike other sites—we don’t make you use generic color or feature names. The Tesla community knows what they want—so we make it easy to filter by “red” or you can be more specific and filter by Multi-Coat Red if you’re feeling extra Tesla nerdy.

In the Market for a Used Tesla Roadster?

Looking for a specific Roadster color like Twilight Blue Metallic? No problem! Our proprietary search filter allows you to drill down on model-specific colors across the entire Tesla line up of both new and current vehicles to find a Tesla with the exact specs that you want, because why would you waste your time anywhere else? Find My Electric is the ultimate Tesla marketplace.

Tesla Model 3 Interior background
Tesla Model 3 Interior background

Built by Tesla Enthusiasts for Tesla Enthusiasts

The difference between us and the other guys couldn’t be bigger! We’re Tesla nerds through-and-through, and we’re proud of it. We’re proud of what Tesla has accomplished, and we’re proud of how amazing the Tesla community is…

What we’re not proud of is how hard it is to buy and sell a used Tesla, even on so called “used Tesla” websites. They aren’t thought out—they’re just slapped together, and the Tesla community deserves better. So, we built Find My Electric to be as awesome as the cars themselves. Why not have a super slick, feature-rich, user-friendly place to find used Teslas for sale, and to sell your Tesla? Exactly!

Need Help? Call or Text Anytime!

We built Find My Electric to be a totally and completely self-service system, and to be insanely user-friendly—but that doesn’t mean we aren’t here to help!

Unlike other car listing sites on the web, you don’t have to send an email and wait days for a response. All sellers on the Featured Package can call or text us (800-560-4817) and we’ll get back to your faster than a P100D goes 0-60! (Ok, maybe not that fast, but we promise we’ll get back to you really fast!). And if email is more your thing—no problem, you can always reach us via our contact page. So sit back, enjoy a coffee, and know you’re in good hands.

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