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Cybertruck Reservation Tracker & Calculator

Looking for a Tesla Cybertruck reservation calculator? Wondering how to read your Cybertruck reservation number or find your Cybertruck place in line? Look no further!

While we aren’t Tesla and can’t be 100% sure—we are electric vehicle nerds, and we’re also the #1 used EV marketplace in the US! This means that we see a lot of EV data—like, tons of it…and we think we’ve built a pretty good Cybertruck reservation tracker/estimator! Curious to see when you might get your Cybertruck? Go ahead and use our calculator below to see your estimated Cybertruck place in line and delivery date!

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Tesla Cybertruck Reservation Delivery
Tesla Cybertruck Reservation Delivery

Have More Questions About the Tesla Cybertruck? We're Here to Help.

While pre-release information on the Tesla Cybertruck is limited, as the #1 EV Marketplace we have some insights. We will continually update this FAQ as we get more insider information on the Cybertruck details, including release date, reservation and pricing information.

What does the Tesla Cybertruck reservation number mean?

This is a number that Tesla assigns to you as a unique identifier that represents your place in line in their queue. It’s important to note that this isn’t always a direct reflection of your position, because Tesla may use other criteria like where you live, whether you own a Tesla currently, and other factors in deciding where you are in line. Our tool is an estimate based on a variety of factors that we are aware of and also our assumptions in various area.

Can I sell or transfer my Cybertruck reservation to another person?

No, you can’t sell or transfer your Cybertruck reservation, and this is a big no-no for Tesla. If they find out you’re trying to do this, they might cancel your reservation altogether. We don’t condone this, so if you’re thinking about trying, we wouldn’t recommend it!

If you take delivery of your Cybertruck and want to sell it, you can sell your Tesla Cybertruck online at Find My Electric.

How many Tesla Cybertruck reservations are there?

As of September 2023, there nearly 2 millions Tesla Cybertruck reservations!

Where can I find my Tesla Cybertruck reservation number?

Just login to your Tesla account at Tesla.com, and then you’ll be redirected to tesla.com/teslaaccount. From there, you’ll be able to see the Cybertruck reservation on your dashboard. It should start with “RN” and be under the picture of a Cybertruck.

When will Tesla start delivering the Cybertruck?

No one knows for sure, but production is ramping up, and rumors are circulating that it may be in fall of 2023, perhaps even the end of September!

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