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If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably thinking “Where’s the best place to sell my Tesla?” or “How can I sell my Tesla fast?” Well, the simple answer to these questions is—Find My Electric!

We created Find My Electric to be the best, most technologically advanced used Tesla marketplace on the web!

If you’re looking to get in front of thousands of used Tesla buyers searching for exactly what you’re selling, there’s no better, cheaper, or faster way to do it than listing with us—and it only takes a few minutes!

Why Find My Electric is the Best Place to Sell a Tesla

If you’ve spent any amount of time researching where to sell your used Tesla, you probably know one thing is true—most used car websites are terrible when it comes to selling a Tesla…

They don’t have a way to specify what type of Autopilot software you have, or the battery size—or really anything specific to Teslas that buyers are looking for—and that’s a big problem!

When we set out to build Find My Electric, we wanted to create the absolute best possible experience for buyers and sellers, in a way that brings them together like never before!

Buyers LOVE Find My Electric—and that’s great for you as a seller! We have thousands of buyers every day visit Find My Electric, looking for a variety of used Teslas. So when you list on Find My Electric, you can be sure your Tesla will be see by the right audience!

Sell Your Used Tesla
Sell Your Used Tesla Faster with Find My Electric

Ready to Sell Your Tesla?

List your Tesla for sale on the most advanced platform available today. Get in front of thousands of eager buyers within minutes!


Searching for a Used Tesla?

With our cutting-edge search technology, we make it easy to find exactly what you want. Save time, save money, and find the perfect used Tesla!


Free Listing Option

Totally FREE listing option—list your Tesla for sale at ZERO cost to you

Easy DIY Listings

Create and manage your ad in minutes—no need to interact with us (unless you need help of course)

Free AutoCheck Report

FREE AutoCheck vehicle history reports ($24.95 value) with Featured Listings

Thousands of Tesla Buyers

Exposure to THOUSANDS of Tesla buyers every day (people looking for electric cars—not gas vehicles)

Expert Used Tesla Help

Dedicated help via phone, text & email with pricing and other questions (we’re here to answer questions about how to price your Tesla, and anything else!)

Fastest Growing Tesla Website

The Find My Electric online Tesla marketplace is the fastest growing Tesla classified website in the world!

Sell My Tesla Model S 3 X Y
Sell My Tesla Model S 3 X Y
Sell Tesla Model S

Sell My Tesla Model S

There’s no better place than Find My Electric to sell your Tesla Model S, hands down! Not only are we experts in used Model S vehicles—but we have thousands of buyers per day searching for exactly what you’re selling!

So if you’ve got an older Model S (75, 85, 90, 100 etc.) or even a barely used one—there’s a big market here on Find My Electric! Get your Model S listed for sale and it’ll be gone fast!

Sell Tesla Model S
Sell Tesla Model 3

Sell My Tesla Model 3

If you’ve been thinking “where can I sell my Model 3?”—the answer is right here, on Find My Electric! We’ve sold tons of Model 3s and they tend to be the among quickest-selling vehicles on the site!

On a daily basis, buyers are hitting the site and reaching out with offers on Model 3s—they don’t typically hang around on here long, so get yours listed and watch it move!

Sell Tesla Model X

Sell My Tesla Model X

At Find My Electric, we’re also experts in used Model X vehicles! Whether you’ve got a 60D, 75D, 90D, 100D, a faster Performance version, or something newer—we’ve listed and sold all types of Model X Teslas!

Used Model X vehicles tend to get tons of buyer inquiries from people looking to affordably upgrade to something with a bit more space—so get your Model X listed for sale now!

Sell Tesla Model X
Sell Tesla Model Y

Sell My Tesla Model Y

Even though Model Y is the newest Tesla on the block, we’ve got eager buyers visiting Find My Electric each day looking for a quality used Model Y!

If you’re looking to sell your Model Y, and do it fast—there’s no better place than Find My Electric—built by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts! Buyers know that Find My Electric is the best source of used Teslas on the Internet—so get your Model Y listed today!

Sell Tesla Roadster

Sell My Tesla Roadster

Find My Electric is the #1 used Tesla Roadster site on the web! We’ve exclusively listed numerous high-end Tesla Roadsters—including the last Tesla Roadster ever produced—so it’s safe to say, you’d in good hands selling your Tesla Roadster here!

With our expertise and buying pool, there’s no better place to sell your Tesla Roadster than Find My Electric—so get your listing started and be live in front of 1000s of eager Tesla buyers in minutes!

Sell Tesla Roadster

Ready to Sell Your Tesla? Create Your Ad Now!

Showcase your used Tesla by creating an ad and listing in front of thousands of eager buyers near you.
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It only takes a few minutes to go live!
Sell My Tesla on Find My Electric
Sell My Tesla on Find My Electric

How Much Does It Really Cost to Sell My Tesla on Find My Electric? Are There Any Hidden Fees?

In order to make sure that everyone can afford to sell a used Tesla—we’ve got two options: Free and Featured.

The Free pricing option is just that—totally 100% free. No seller fees, no BS, no nothing—you can sell your Tesla on Find My Electric at zero cost to you.

The Featured option costs $89 as a one-time flat fee, and your Tesla stays on the site till it sells! You also get a FREE AutoCheck vehicle history report that’s yours to download, share, or show to buyers! You also get priority exposure on the site, and lots of other benefits!

You can learn more about our pricing below:

  • Listing Expires
  • Number of Photos
  • Listing Position
  • Email Shown on Listing
  • Phone Number Shown
  • AutoCheck® Report
  • View Counter
  • Homepage Feature
  • Bolded Listing
list your Tesla, absolutely free
  • 7 days
  • 3 photos
  • Bottom of page
  • Yes
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No


Browse the latest used Tesla listings below, or view all active listings here

What About Selling My Tesla to Carvana, CarMax, or Vroom? Isn’t It Easier to Just Get an Offer From Them?

While these sites do make it somewhat easy to get an offer on your Tesla, one thing’s for sure—it’s going to be LOW.

Because they are dealers, they operate on margins—so when you sell your Tesla to Vroom, CarMax, or Carvana, they’re going to offer you as little as possible so they can turn around and flip the car quickly. This is actually bad for the Tesla community, and bad for you as a seller!

Find My Electric is the best way to get TOP DOLLAR for your used Tesla, with thousands of Tesla buyers looking everyday for exactly what you’re selling!

If you want to sell your Tesla for the highest price, list on Find My Electric!

Selling My Tesla Online: Frequently Asked Questions

Selling a Tesla online is quick and easy with Find My Electric—but we wanted to take a moment to answer some frequently asked questions about the selling process.

Model S

Do you charge any extra seller fees like a percentage of the sale price?

NO! You can either list for FREE or choose our Featured package for $89—that’s it!

You’ll never pay more than $89—and it’s a one-time listing charge, no matter how much your Tesla sells for. FREE listings stay on the site for 7 days, and Featured listings stay forever (or you choose to take them down).

We NEVER charge buyer fees, seller fees, or anything like that—EVER!

Model S
Model 3

Should I just sell or trade my Tesla back into Tesla?

NO! While this is an option that some buyers choose to exercise, we don’t recommend trading or selling your Tesla back to Tesla for the simple reason that you’ll get less money for it than you would selling it yourself on Find My Electric.

Whether you’re selling a Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, or even a Roadster—Find My Electric is the best way to sell a used Tesla and get TOP DOLLAR—period!

Model X

How should I price my used Tesla?

This is a question we sometimes get from sellers—and we’re always here to help with pricing questions!

With Find My Electric, you can simply log in and change your price whenever you’d like—even with free listings, so you’re able to test whatever price point you’d like.

If you want some direct guidance—you can always reach out to us via phone/text/email/chat and we’ll help you set a killer price that gets your Tesla noticed!

Model X
Model Y
How do I complete the sale with a buyer?

That’s totally up to you—we don’t get involved in the process. Similar to Craigslist (but way, way cooler)—we’re a classified marketplace, so we just post the ads.

Most sellers tell us that it’s very easy to negotiate with Tesla buyers and close the sale, even with out of state parties.

If you’re looking for more information about the selling/buying process, you can visit our dedicated FAQ page here for an extensive breakdown of questions and answers.

I’m Ready to Sell My Tesla! What’s Next?

At Find My Electric we make it easier than ever to get your used Tesla seen by thousands of buyers in just minutes!
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