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Welcome to Find My Electric—the #1 used Chevy Bolt marketplace online! If you want to sell your Bolt EV or EUV, you’re in the right place!

While thinking about selling, you may have thought about things like “Where is the best place to sell my Chevrolet Bolt?” Or, “How can I sell my Bolt fast?” And the answer to both of these questions (and many similar ones) is—right here, on Find My Electric!

We built Find My Electric with one goal in mind—to make EVs accessible to all people, and because of that, we bring buyers and sellers together in a way that’s never been done before! There are thousands of EV buyers visting Find My Electric all day long looking for exactly what you’re selling! And the best part? Your Bolt can be live in front of those buyers in minutes!

Why Find My Electric is the Best Place to Sell a Bolt

Chances are, you’ve most likely spent a fair bit of time trying to determine where to sell your used Chevrolet Bolt, and in all that time, you’ve come to one big realization—almost all used car sites are a terrible place to sell a Bolt (or any electric vehicle, really)…

Most used car websites are full of ICE vehicles (both cars and trucks), and have no way to find features and information that Bolt buyers want. Features like Chevy Safety Assist, and Bolt-specific colors such as Bright Blue Metallic—you won’t be able to find them on those sites (which means Bolt buyers won’t either)!

When we built Find My Electric, we set out to create a buying experience for Bolts and other EVs that had never been done before—and buyers have responded with lofty praise, making Find My Electric the #1 used EV site on the Internet, and the best place to sell a Chevrolet Bolt!

Looking to get in front of thousands of buyers in minutes? It’s simple—list on Find My Electric!

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With our cutting-edge search technology, we make it easy to find exactly what you want. Save time, save money, and find the perfect used Bolt!


#1 Used Bolt Website

Find My Electric is the #1 online Bolt marketplace and fastest growing Bolt classified website in the world!

Easy DIY Listings

Create and edit your ad in minutes—no need to connect with us (unless you need help of course).

Free AutoCheck Report

Get a FREE AutoCheck vehicle history report ($24.95 value) with your listing. This provides Bolt buyers confidence and helps you to sell your EV faster.

Thousands of Bolt Buyers

Get exposed to THOUSANDS of Bolt buyers every day (our website visitors are exclusively looking for EVs—not gas or ICE vehicles unlike other websites).

Expert Used Bolt Help

Our team is here to help via phone, text & email with pricing and any other questions you may have about the process of selling your Chevy Bolt.

Best Value for Selling Your Bolt

Your Bolt ad stays online until it sells, upload up to 20 high-res photos, get expert pricing help, view counter/analytics & more!

Chevy Bolt EV Countryside
Chevy Bolt EV Countryside
2020 Red Chevrolet Bolt EV

Sell My Chevrolet Bolt EV

There’s no better place online to sell your Chevrolet Bolt EV! At Find My Electric, we are EV experts in Bolts, Teslas, and much more! We also have thousands of EV buyers hitting the site on a daily basis!

If you own a Chevy Bolt EV, we can help you sell it FAST! Whether it’s practically new, or has thousands of miles—we’ll get you in front of buyers to be seen!

2020 Red Chevrolet Bolt EV
2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV

Sell My Chevrolet Bolt EUV

The Bolt EUV is a unique electric utility vehicle, and there’s no better people who understand EV sales than we do! Find My Electric is the #1 Bolt EUV site online, and thousands of electric vehicle buyers hit our site on a daily basis!

Instead of listing on a site where you’ll be mixed in with gas-powered vehicles, list on Find My Electric and get in front of our crowd of electric vehicle buyers in minutes!

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Bolt EUV Highway
Bolt EUV Highway

How Much Does It Really Cost to Sell My Chevrolet Bolt on Find My Electric? Are There Any Secret Fees?

You can sell a used Bolt with Find My Electric for only $49.

Our listings are a one-time flat fee, and your Bolt EV or EUV stays on the site till it sells! You also get a FREE AutoCheck vehicle history report that’s yours to download, share, or show to buyers!
In addition our team is here to provide expert pricing help if you need it, and answer any other questions you may have!

Learn more about our listing features below:

  • Number of Photos
  • AutoCheck® Report
  • Homepage Feature
  • Expert Pricing Help
  • Contact Info Shown
  • Bolded Listing
  • Top Listing Position
  • View Counter/Analytics
  • Live Phone Support
list your Bolt, absolutely free
  • 3 photos
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What About Selling My Bolt EV or EUV to Carvana, CarMax, or Vroom? Isn’t It Easier to Just Get Their Offer?

Find My Electric is totally different in that we offer two ways to sell your Bolt—by listing on our site, or by requesting an Instant Cash Offer from our premium EV dealer network (or both)!

We’re different from the big box sites like Carvana and Vroom because we deal ONLY with electric vehicles. We’ve created an Instant Cash Offer program that allows you to get competing offers from EV-only dealers in one convenient place—and this is an option that’s becoming increasingly popular!

If you’re looking to request an Instant Cash Offer, you can do that here (or after you list your Bolt).

If you’re looking to list your Bolt for sale on our site, just click this link to sign up and go live in minutes! We’re happy to give users both the ability to create an ad and list their Bolt EV or EUV for sale, and also to get an Instant Cash Offer—all in one place!

Find My Electric is truly the one-stop-shop for buying and selling EVs—especially Bolts!

Chevy Bolt EUV
Chevy Bolt EUV

Selling My Bolt Online: Frequently Asked Questions

Selling a Bolt online is quick and easy with Find My Electric. Here are some answer to commonly-asked questions about selling a Chevrolet Bolt EV or EUV.

Chevrolet Bolt EUV

Do you charge any additional seller fees or percentage of the sale price?

NO! Just list your used Chevrolet Bolt for $49 and your listing stays up until it sells—that’s it!

You’ll NEVER pay more than $49—and it’s a one-time charge, no matter how much your Bolt sells for. Buyers don’t pay any fees either, which means they’ll be willing to pay top dollar for your Chevrolet electric vehicle!

We NEVER charge buyer fees, seller fees, or any BS like that—EVER!

Chevrolet Bolt EUV
2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV Interior

Should I just sell or trade my Bolt EV or EUV back into Chevrolet?

NOPE! Trading your Chevy Bolt EV or EUV back into Chevrolet is probably the worst way to get top dollar for your electric vehicle. Selling it yourself on our platform represents the best way possible to get everything that it’s worth!

We also have an Instant Cash Offer program where you can receive a cash offer from our Premium EV Dealer Network. Click here to get an offer in minutes!

Chevrolet Bolt EV Charging

How should I price my used Bolt EV or EUV?

This is a question we occasionally from sellers—and we’re always here to help with pricing questions!

With Find My Electric, you can simply log in and edit your price whenever you’d like—you’re in full control of your ad and able to test various price points on demand.

If you want some direct help—you can always reach out to us via phone/text/email/chat and we’ll provide you with Expert Pricing Help to dial in the perfect price on your Bolt!

Chevrolet Bolt EV Charging
Driving Chevy Bolt EUV
How do I finish the sale with a buyer?

That’s totally up to you—we don’t get involved in transaction between buyers and sellers, and collect no fees.

Most sellers tell us that it’s very easy to negotiate with Bolt EV/EUV buyers and close the sale, even with out of state parties.

If you’re looking for more information about the selling/buying process, you can visit our dedicated FAQ page here for an extensive breakdown of questions and answers.

I’m Ready to Sell My Bolt! What’s Next?

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