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Used Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWD

With the goal of bettering the base option for the Model 3 fleet and simplifying the production line, Tesla added the Standard Range Plus to their menu in 2019. Boasting a driving range of 240 miles per charge of the lithium ion battery pack, the Model 3 Standard Range Plus was the more comfortable sibling of the Model 3 Standard Range with a slightly higher price point and premium features. The rear wheel drive Standard Range Plus was capable of a 140 mph top speed and a thrilling 0 – 60 acceleration time of 5.3 seconds.

Autopilot came standard on the Model 3 Standard Range plus. Hardware configurations AP2.5 and AP3 could both be found on various years of the Standard Range Plus, but Tesla has offered hardware upgrades to standardize the AP3 configuration for Model 3 owners. This change was made to pave the way for further Full Self Driving functionality, an advanced form of Tesla’s autonomous driving programming. Features of Autopilot included with the Model 3 Standard Range Plus incorporated driving options such as Autosteer, Auto Lane Change, and Blind Spot Collision Warnings.

The Partial Premium Interior of the standard Range Plus included synthetic, Vegan Leather seating material and power-adjustable, heated front seats. Color schemes of All Black or Black and White complemented a minimalist interior that focused on the 15” Touchscreen Control Panel. The cabin’s spacious interior was covered with a tinted glass roof that provided a panoramic view for passengers during drives.

On the outside, the Model 3 Long Range PLus came in few color options to complement its smooth, streamlined body. Metallics in Deep Blue and Midnight Silver added a little futuristic flair to the otherwise conservative paint lineup of Solid Black, Red Multi-Coat, and Pearl White Multi-Coat. For a little variation in exterior aesthetics, Wheel options came in two sizes: the efficient, smooth driving 19” Aero Wheel design, and the cornering and grip-focused 19” Sport Wheel design.

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