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Used Tesla Model S 100D for Sale

Manufactured as part of the replacement to the Tesla Model S 90 kWh trim line, the Model S 100D came with a higher capacity lithium ion battery and an improved driving range. Range performance of the 100D came in over 300 miles to the charge, somewhere between an 11% to 14% increase over the outgoing 90D. With additions to the supercharger network, the road trip possibilities of the Tesla included far fewer overnight charging stops than previous trim lines, gaining Tesla some solid ground in the race to reduce range anxiety.

The exterior of the 100D saw a few upgrades, such as the option for a glass roof and a sleeker headlight and front bumper profile than some of the earliest Model S electric cars. Paint options remained similar to previous models, though by 2019 the color palette was limited to five choices: Deep Blue Metallic, Midnight Silver Metallic, Pearl White Multi-Coat, Red Multi-Coat, and Solid Black. Earlier years of a pre-owned Tesla Model S 100D can be found in  Metallic colors Obsidian Black, Titanium (2016), and Silver. Solid White was only an option for the 100D in 2016.

Interior design customizations changed around a bit for the Model S 100D compared to some of the previous trim lines. Synthetic Vegan Leather was added alongside Multi-Pattern Textile and Nappa Leather in the year 2016, and it became the only seating option by 2018. Interior colors first saw a change in 2017, with Ultra White replacing Gray, and changed again in 2018 to replace Ultra White and Tan with Black and White and Cream. All Black, which coordinated well with the Tesla Model S’s 17” touchscreen control panel, remained an option through all 100D model years. 2019 saw the first change in dash options with the additional Oak Wood design, offered only that year, alongside previous Wood designs (Matte and Glossy Obeche, Dark and Figured Ash, and Lace), Carbon Fiber, and Piano Black.

The dual-motor AWD Model S 100D came with a 19” base wheel design, with additional 19” designs in Tempest, Cyclone, and Slipstream (in either Silver or Sonic Carbon). For additional handling and grip, the 21” wheel customizations were available in designs Turbine (Silver and Gray), Twin Turbine (Silver and Sonic Carbon), and Arachnid (Silver and Black).

All years of the Tesla Model S 100D were hardware capable of Tesla’s driver assistance system, Autopilot. AP1 (2016), AP2 (2016-2018), AP2.5 (2017-2019), and AP3 (2019) hardware configurations were available on the 100D for use with Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot, and Full Self Driving Modes.

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