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Used Tesla Model S 90D for Sale

The base all wheel drive version of the Model S 90 kWh trim line, The Tesla Model S 90D offered drivers an upgrade in range and energy efficiency over its RWD counterpart. Model S 90D owners could expect a driving range of up to 285 miles per charge, increasing travel and commute possibilities to better meet the challenges eclectic vehicles still faced when compared with their gasoline-powered counterparts.

Tesla’s paint options narrowed considerably for the Model S over the years that the 90D was offered, and Blue and Green Metallic paints were only available during 2015. Titanium Metallic and Solid White were offered in 2015 and 2016 but dropped for later model years of the 90D.  Metallics in Midnight Silver, Deep Blue, Obsidian Black, and Silver can be found on all years of a pre-owned Tesla Model S 90D, along with Solid Black and Multi-Coat paints in Pearl White and Red.

Complementing the Model S’s minimalist exterior came standard with the 19” base wheel design, but buyers of the 90D could also shake things up by choosing other wheel designs in 19” or 21” options. The performance-centric 21”  tires included the Turbine (in Silver and Gray), Arachnid (in Silver and Black), and Twin Turbine (in Silver and Sonic Carbon) designs, while the standard 19” options came as Tempest, Slipstream (in Sonic Carbon or Silver), and Cyclone.

Interior options changed somewhat over the years with the removal of Gray in 2017 and Tan 2018. Ultra White was only offered in 2017, and options Black and White or Cream were offered in the Model S trim lines after 2018. In sync with the elegance of the 17” touchscreen control panel, dash options came in Wood designs (Lace, Dark and Figured Ash, and Glossy and Matte Obeche), Carbon Fiber, or Piano Black. Seating material came in Multi-Pattern Textile and Nappa Leather until 2018 when synthetic Vegan Leather became the only seating option for the Model S (first introduced in 2016).

The heart of the Model S tech packages, Tesla’s famous Autopilot software was available on all trim lines of the Model S 90. Hardware capable in all four years of it’s manufacture, the 90D can be found with AP1 in 2015-2016, AP2 in 2016-2017, and AP2.5 in 2017-2018. Enhanced Autopilot and Full-Self Driving software were offered in all 90D model years except 2015.

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