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Used Tesla Model S P85+ for Sale

Firing off from a standing 0 to 60 mph in an incredible 4.4 seconds , the Tesla Model S P85+ was everything a luxury sport sedan owner could wish for in an electric vehicle. The 85 kWh lithium ion battery pack powered this 470 hp performance enhanced version of the Model S with a whopping 443 lb-ft torque and an incredible top speed of 210 mph. Only available in 2013-2014 and discontinued in favor of the all wheel drive P85D , the rear wheel drive Model S P85+ delivered a dream ride right off the lot and continues to hold value as a used Tesla option.

As with all other Model S 85 trims, the interior was customizable as All Black, Gray, or Tan, and dash options complemented the modern aesthetic. Designed around the Model S’ 17” touchscreen controls, the dash came in a variety of styles including timeless Piano Black, Carbon Fiber, and elegant Wood finishes in Matte Obeche, Glossy Obeche, Lace, Figured Ash, and Dark Ash. Nappa leather or Multi-Pattern Textile were the only seating options available on the Model S P85+.

The 2013 Model S P85+ was not hardware capable for Tesla’s famous Autopilot option , but the driver’s assistant system version 1.0 was included in the Tech package of the 2014 P85+.

Wheel options on the Model S P85+ included various 19” styles, starting from the always popular 19” base and including the Cyclone, Tempest, and Slipstream (in Silver or Sonic Carbon) variants. For more grip and better cornering, the 21” wheel offerings came in Twin Turbine (also in Silver or Sonic Carbon), Arachnid (in a fetching Silver and Black), and Turbine (available in Silver and Gray) designs.

Exterior paint options did not change over the P85+’s two years of manufacture. Tesla’s classic Model S colors in Solid (Black or White), Multi-Coat (Red or Pearl White), or Metallic (Silver, Blue, Brown, Green, and Gray) hues complemented the minimalist, sleek profile of the vehicle. This future-forward style has not dated in the years since the P85+ was discontinued, keeping a used Tesla Model S P85+ in the style game for many years to come.

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