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Used Tesla Model S P85DL for Sale

The all wheel drive Tesla Model S P85DL is a little Ludicrous mode icing on the already sweet cake of the 85 kWh performance version of the P85D trim. Clocking zero to sixty miles per hour in approximately 2.8 seconds, the P85DL offered an upgrade on acceleration time with the addition of a smart fuse that allowed the P85DL extra monitoring and control of electrical output. Offered first as an upgrade package for Model S P85D, the P85DL was targeted towards the sports car market and later came as an option straight from the Tesla factory before being discontinued in 2016.

All years of the Model S P85DL were hardware capable of Tesla’s famous Autopilot driver-assistance system. Autopilot version 1.0 was available in years 2014-2015, while 2016 saw the addition of 2.0 and the Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self Driving features.

Wheel options for the P85DL added a little flair to the base 19” design. Customization designs included the 19” options of Slipstream (Silver or Sonic Carbon), Cyclone, and Tempest, or the 21” options of Turbine (Silver or Gray), Arachnid (Silver or Black), or Twin Turbine (Silver or Sonic Carbon). It’s worth noting that some pre-owned Tesla Model S P85DL vehicles have seen serious road wear thanks to the temptation to put Ludicrous mode to the test early and often.

Paint options on the P85DL varied through all three years of its manufacture, and finding a used 2014 Model S P85DL in colors such as Brown or Green Metallic can be difficult. Slightly more available paint colors are Metallics in Blue, Gray, and Silver, with Multi-Coat colors in Red and Pearl White and Solids in both Black and White. The 2015 P85DL exterior saw the addition of paint colors Titanium, Deep Blue, Obsidian Black, and Midnight Silver, and colors remained the same in 2016 with the exception of removed Metallics Gray and Blue.

Though targeted to sport sedan enthusiasts most interested in its performance, the P85DL was not lacking in any of the luxury that marks the interior of the Tesla Model S design. Tan, All Black, and Gray color options were complemented by the Multi-Pattern Textile and Nappa Leather seating choices for all three years of the Model S P85DL, while Vegan Leather was only offered on the 2016 model. Dash offerings in elegant Wood designs (Matte and Glossy Obeche, Dark and Figured Ash, and Lace), timeless Piano Black, and sporty Carbon Fiber all maintained the P85DL’s luxury feel.

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