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Used Tesla Model S Standard Range AWD

Beginning in 2019, Tesla started to drop its battery-centric naming convention for the Model S, and the Standard Range all wheel drive was introduced. With its 100 kWh lithium ion battery pack, the Standard Range AWD was rated for 285 miles to the charge, a small but notable improvement over previous years of the Model S. The Standard Range AWD was only offered for one year and dropped in favor of the Long Range AWD for 2020.

While the Standard Range AWD Model S experienced a reduction in options for physical customizations, the control software and Autopilot program maintained rapid, consumer feedback-oriented updates that continued to improve on the high-quality, tech-geek experience that Tesla enthusiasts longed for in an electric vehicle. The Standard Range AWD was hardware capable for AP2.5 and AP3, and was available with Base Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot (EAP), and Full Self Driving (FSD) software.

The conservative but chic paint palette narrowed considerably for the Model S over the years, and the Standard Range AWD only came only in Deep Blue Metallic, Midnight Silver Metallic, Solid Black, Pearl White Multi-Coat, and Red Multi-Coat. The interior, with its little-changed focus on the Telsa Model S’s signature 17” control panel, came in Black and White, Cream, and All Black. Dash options increased by one (Oak Wood) during 2019 and narrowed significantly the next year, with 2019 as the last year that Piano Black, Lace Wood, Glossy Obeche Wood, and Matte Obeche Wood were offered. The sporty Carbon Fiber dash, as well as Dark and Figured Ash Wood designs, remained through 2020. Synthetic Vegan Leather was the only seating choice in the Standard Range AWD, which some said detracted from the luxury feel of the car but was far easier to clean than previous options.

The Model S 19” base wheel design remained popular as the 19” wheel reportedly held up better to varied road conditions, but stylish options in the 19” style were also available in Tempest, Cyclone, and Slipstream (in Silver and Sonic Carbon). The amped-up 21” Turbine (in Gray and Silver), Twin Turbine (in Silver and Sonic Carbon), and Arachnid (in Black and Silver) wheel designs gave a much-needed boost to the unassuming yet sleek style of the Model S while increasing grip and cornering ability.

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