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Used Tesla Model X 75D for Sale

As Tesla’s playful, sci-fi entry into the SUV realm, the Model X 75D began as the base model of Tesla’s Model X series trim line in 2016. With a 75kWh lithium ion battery built into the floor of the chassis, the 75D rated a driving range of 237 miles per charge, a solid effort in covering the distances needed to reduce driver’s range anxiety. Keeping the look and experience similar to current vehicle body styles was a lower priority for Tesla on the Model X than on the Model S, and the manufacturer took the opportunity to experiment with a few more unusual designs. The Falcon Wing rear doors and multi-layered glass windshield increased seating access and visibility with an unusual look that consumers either loved or loved to hate. Regardless, Tesla’s signature 0 to 60 acceleration time, an entertaining 5.5 seconds for the 75D, continued to impress both drivers and passengers alike.

The exterior of the 75D, with its already sleek lines, came in classic paint colors and customized further with three sizes and several styles of wheels. Paints available in all years of the Model X 75D’s manufacture included Solid Black, Metallics in Deep Blue and Midnight Silver, and Multi-Coat paints in Red and Pearl White. Signature Red was only available on the 75D in 2016, with Obsidian Black Metallic and Silver Metallic available from 2016-2018 but dropped after that. Wheel customizations came in three types: the efficient 19” wheels (available in the Cyclone design), the 20” standard (with Slipstream in Silver offered with the base model, Helix, Sonic Carbon, and Two-Tone Slipstream in 2018), and 22” offerings that reduced efficiency but improved handling (available in a Silver or Onyx Black Turbine design).

Inside the Model X 75D, luxury-feel dash designs in Carbon Fiber, Wood (Dark and Figured Ash, Matte and Glossy Obeche, Lace, and the 2018 Oak) and Piano Black complemented the minimalist focus on the Tesla Model X’s central touchscreen control panel. Seating materials in Leather, Multi-Pattern Textile, or Vegan leather (standard after 2018) coordinated with smart interior colors of All Black, Tan (2016), Ultra White (2017), Black and White (2016-2018), or Cream (2016-2018).

Arguably the most talked about advancement available on Tesla’s vehicles is the Autopilot driver’ assistance software, which was hardware ready on all years of the Model X. The 75D saw AP1, AP2, AP2.5, and AP3 configurations during the years of its construction, with Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self Driving software available for purchase. Regular over-the-air updates to these systems kept the programs current, adding both functionality and entertainment over the life of the system.

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