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Used Tesla Model X Long Range Plus AWD for Sale

Further enhancements to Tesla’s Model X driving range capabilities in 2020 brought the Model X Long Range Plus AWD, capable of a staggering 351 miles per charge of the lithium ion battery pack. Not lacking Tesla’s famed acceleration time, the 3.6 second 0 to 60 mph acceleration of the Model X Long Range Plus continued to be unmatched by the competition.

Marked by its aerodynamic, low drag coefficient design and set off by the quirky Falcon Wing rear door assembly, the exterior of the Model X Long Range Plus maintained clean lines and minimal features. Exterior paints were only available in five colors: Deep Blue Metallic, Solid Black, Midnight Silver Metallic, Red Multi-Coat, and White Multi-Coat. The interior of the car was likewise minimalist in style but high on luxury feel, with inside color schemes of Cream, Black and White, or All Black, and Dash designs in Oak Wood, Figured Ash Wood, Dark Ash Wood, or Carbon Fiber. Synthetic Vegan Leather was the only seating option available on the Model X Long Range Plus, criticized by some as reducing the luxury feel of the interior. However, others considered the seating material choice optimal for easy care and durability.

Wheel customization on the Model X Long Range Plus added variable effects to efficiency, steering, and performance. The standard Wheel was a 20” Silver Slipstream design, with good durability and average grip. Other designs in the 20” Wheel size were Silver Helix, Sonic Carbon, and Two Tone Slipstream. A 19” Wheel in the Cyclone design offered space for a bigger tire, an advantage for winter tires and extra tire durability. Finally, the 22” performance Wheel traded off a small loss of efficiency for excellent cornering, grip, and enhanced steering. The 22” design in Turbine came in two colors: Silver and Onyx Black.

With every Model X manufactured now equipped with Base Autopilot programming, hardware capability for Autopilot on the Model X Long Range Plus was standard. Configuration AP3 allowed for features such as Summon and Autopark, favorites among drivers who bought the Long Range Plus for its tech. Full Self Driving software was available for purchase with the Model X Long Range Plus and included capabilities for Traffic Light and Stop Sign control with an eye towards future autonomous driving.

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