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Used Tesla Model X P100D for Sale

As the performance-focused offering of the Model X 100 kWh battery series, the P100D featured a large, 503 hp rear motor that enhanced acceleration times to about 3 seconds even without Tesla’s famed Ludicrous mode. Buyers enjoyed rapid highway passing and playful road-tripping in the Model X P100D with a reasonable estimated driving range of 289 miles per charge (a light trade off of range for power over the Model X 100D). The heavy, road-hugging chassis also gained the P100D top marks for safety, a major plus for a luxury SUV that was targeted for family use.

Adding to the safety factor of the Model X P100D was Autopilot, Tesla’s driver’s assistance software. Aimed at creating sensor awareness for the vehicle to assist the driver with fatigue-inducing highway drives and other issues such as tight parking, all Model X P100D’s came hardware capable for differing levels of the software. P100D’s manufactured in 2016 saw hardware configurations AP1 or AP2, AP2 or 2.5 for 2017-2018, and AP2 or AP3 for 2019. Software available for purchase included Full Self Driving (FSD) and Enhanced Autopilot (EAP), adding features such as Summon, Autopark, and Stop Sign control.

The spacious, luxury interior of the Model X P100D emphasized the massive windshield that dominated the front seats of the Model X. Seating materials included genuine Leather, synthetic Vegan Leather, and Multi-Pattern Textile options to complement interior color schemes in Cream, Tan, Ultra White, Black and White, and All Black. Dash designs came in elegant Glossy or Obeche Wood, Dark or Figured Ash Wood, Oak Wood, or Lace Wood. For those who didn’t prefer the traditional luxury wood designs, the P100D Dash options included a timeless Piano Black or sporty Carbon Fiber.

Undeniably, the exterior feature with the most distinction on the Model X was the quirky Falcon Wing rear Door assembly. These sci-fi inspired doors created an instant impression; whether the impression was a good or bad one varied widely among critics. Balancing this eye-catching feature, paint colors were kept conservative and by 2019 only included a basic set of five options: Solid Black, Red or Pearl White Multi-Coat, and Deep Blue or Midnight Silver Metallic. Earlier model years of the Model X P100D could be found in Solid White or Silver, Obsidian Black, and Titanium Metallic.

Multiple options for Wheel sizing helped drivers define their preferred use of the Model X P100D through changes in efficiency, road wear, and performance. The 19” Wheel (available in the Cyclone design) was used by many drivers for extra tire height or for winter tires to help with road conditions and reduce road wear. The standard 20” Wheel favored efficiency and average performance, and 20” designs featured Slipstream in Silver (Standard), Two-Tone Slipstream (2019), Sonic Carbon, and Silver Helix. 22” performance tires created a notable drop in the P100D’s driving range but increased the vehicle’s grip and cornering abilities, available in a Silver or Onyx Black Turbine design.

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