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Used Tesla Model X P90D for Sale

A power-packed offering of the first year manufacturing run for Tesla’s Model X, the Model X P90D was the performance version of the 90 kWh lithium ion battery pack trim line. Maintaining a respectable driving range of 250 miles per charge, the P90D was built for a thrilling ride as well as for the spacious interior advantages offered by sport utility crossover designs. Clocking 0 to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds even without Ludicrous Mode, the P90D delighted (and terrified) drivers and passengers alike. Top speed of this dual-motor, all wheel drive electric reached 155 miles an hour, with the road-hugging, heavy chassis keeping the center of gravity in the Model X (and the chance of rollover) low.

Drivers could choose from a variety of wheel options to enhance either the performance of the Model X P90D or its efficiency. The base 20” Slipstream (Silver) Wheel rode the middle ground of grip and efficiency, customizable with other 20” designs in Helix (Silver) and Sonic Carbon. The 19” Cyclone offered a change in design with a chance of improved driving range, and the 22” design in Twin Turbine (Silver or Onyx Black) traded a small amount of efficiency for better handling.

Advances in Tesla’s Autopilot hardware were now standard for the Model X, and all Model X trims were designed with hardware capability for the driver’s assistance programming. The first year of the Model X P90D saw configurations AP1 and AP2, while the second (and final) year saw hardware AP2 and AP2.5. Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) and Full Self Driving (FSD) software were available for purchase with all of these configurations.

While the exterior of the P90D was best known for its distinctive Falcon Wing rear door assembly, the sleek design of the body allowed for an incredibly low drag coefficient (0.24) while maintaining a minimalist look. Classic paint colors to complement this design included Metallics in Obsidian Black, Silver, Deep Blue, and Midnight Silver, Solids in Black and White (2016), and Multi-Coats in Red and Pearl White. Tesla’s limited edition Signature Red paint was available as an option for a short time with the first release of the Model X P90D.

Customizable seating arrangements in the Model X P90D for five, six, or seven passengers were available as interior options, with seating materials in Nappa Leather, Multi-Pattern Textile, or Synthetic Vegan Leather. Worth noting is that the original run of the Model X did not have the flexibility in seating to lay the rear seats flat, but this shortcoming was corrected in later productions of the P90D, massively increasing potential cargo space.  The dash, dominated by the Model X 17” touchscreen control panel, came in selections of Piano Black, Carbon Fiber, or Wood designs (Lace, Matte or Glossy Obeche, and Figured or Dark Ash). Interior color scheme options included Ultra White, Cream, Tan, All Black, or Black and White.

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