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Used Tesla Model X P90DL for Sale

At the top end of the 90kWh Model X performance line, the P90DL included the option for Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode, crushing driver and passenger back into their seats with a 0 to 60 mph acceleration of just 3.2 seconds. This playful feature put the Model X in headlines as the fastest SUV out there, juxtaposed with reports that the safety ratings on the Model X were the highest available for a sport utility crossover built for family use.

Seating capacity of the Tesla Model X P90DL was configured in five, six, or seven seat options. The rear seats on the original run of the Model X could not be folded down for storage, but Tesla realized this was a problem and corrected the issue on subsequent manufacturing runs. With the ability to adjust rear and middle seating rows, the storage capacity of the Model X P90DL was one of the highest in its class. Interior seating materials included luxury Nappa Leather, synthetic Vegan leather, or comfortable Multi-Pattern Textile, and complemented the interior color schemes of Ultra White, Cream, All Black, Black and White, and Tan. Dash options centering around the minimalist 17” touchscreen control panel included wood designs in Glossy or Matte Obeche, Lace, and Dark or Figured Ash. For a sleeker llook, buyers could also choose Dash options on Piano Black or Carbon Fiber.

Though Tesla went out of its way to add the Falcon Wing rear door assembly as a futuristic design element, they kept exterior paint options on the Model X to a minimum. Classic colors were offered in Solid Black or Solid White, as well as Multi-Coat Red or Pearl White. Tesla’s highly sought after Signature Red paint was only available as a limited option on the first P90DL production run. Metallic paints in Silver, Midnight Silver, Obsidian Black, and Titanium (2016) remained popular (though Tesla did scale back paint options considerably in later Model X trim lines).

Hardware capability for Autopilot came standard on all trim lines of the Model X, and the P90DL saw configurations for AP1, AP2, and AP2.5. Program functionality was dependent on hardware configuration, but Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) and Full Self Driving (FSP) could be purchased for all years of the Model X P90DL

Wheel designs to complement the performance of the all wheel drive Model X came in three sizes. The base design, a 20” Silver wheel (Slipstream) offered the middle ground between grip and efficiency, with extra options to change up wheel aesthetics in Helix (Silver) or Sonic Carbon. For a more efficient ride and better durability, the P90DL could be ordered with a 19” Wheel in the Cyclone Design. Finally, the 22” Turbine wheel design in Silver or Black was available for those looking for extra cornering and grip abilities.

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