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Used Tesla Model Y Performance AWD for Sale

Rolling out to buyers as the top tier vehicle of the Model Y series in 2020, The Model Y Performance version featured enhancements in suspension, handling, and acceleration time over its range-focused counterpart. With a spacious cabin, several areas for storage, and a family-sized passenger capacity, the SUV styling of the Model Y Performance was welcomed as a needed upgrade in comfort and functionality. As its name suggests, the main selling point of the Model Y Performance was its driving capability.

Rocketing off from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.7 seconds, the cargo-hauling Model Y Performance was a joy to drive as well as a smart investment in zero emissions technology. Surprisingly, the driving range of the Model Y Performance did not suffer as much as expected; Performance vehicles in the first manufacturing run still managed 315 miles per charge.

The now-standard hardware for Autopilot, Tesla’s premiere driver’s assistance programming, came in configuration AP3 on the Model Y Performance. Upgrades to Full Self Driving features were available for purchase, providing advanced options such as Traffic Light and Traffic Sign control as well as promises of future updates for full driving automation.

Interior options were few but visually satisfying in the Model Y, with only two interior color schemes: Black (with a Wood Dash accent), or Black and White. Seating material was now a standard synthetic Vegan Leather, easy to care for and reportedly long-lasting. The rest of the interior was characterized by the lack of extra instrumentation and the expansion of available room for passenger comfort and storage capacity. Visibility was excellent with  the wide windows, large windshield, and an expansive overhead glass sunroof (heavily-tinted to avoid sun-baking the Model Y’s occupants).

Exterior customization included small changes in wheel sizing and paint color. Paint in a Pearl White Multi-Coat came standard, but for an extra fee four other colors were also available: Solid Black, Red Multi-Coat, Deep Blue Metallic, and Midnight Silver Metallic. The wheels in the Performance Model Y have the single option of the 21’’ Überturbine Wheels (which are incredibly cool-looking in our opinion).

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