At Find My Electric, we are proud to sponsor the Million Dollar Cybertruck project, a visionary initiative that combines the excitement of technological innovation with the profound mission of fighting cancer. This project isn’t just about showcasing the Cybertruck; it’s about driving a campaign of hope and creating meaningful change in the lives of those affected by cancer.

About the Million Dollar Cybertruck

The Million Dollar Cybertruck project embodies a mission that transcends the cutting-edge design of its vehicle. For the team behind this initiative, inspired by personal loss and motivated by a collective experience, the Cybertruck is a beacon of hope. It represents a tangible commitment to fighting cancer through awareness, support, and direct contribution to the American Cancer Society.

Every square inch of the Cybertruck’s exterior is available for sponsored advertising, which not only raises funds for the fight against cancer but also spreads the message of resilience and hope. The ultimate goal is to fully cover the Cybertruck with the logos and messages of its supporters, then auction it off for the American Cancer Society. Every dollar from this auction will fund critical cancer research, education, and patient support services, reinforcing the project’s motto: “Driving Towards Hope: Innovating for a Cancer-Free Future.”

Special Incentives for Supporters

As part of our commitment to this cause, Find My Electric is excited to offer a 10% discount on advertising space, so you can get a larger logo spot for less. Use the promo code FINDMYELECTRIC to join a network of businesses and individuals who are making a difference. Interested parties can learn more and participate through our referral link: Join the Million Dollar Cybertruck Project.

Partners in Hope

The Million Dollar Cybertruck project is supported by a wide variety of advertisers whose contributions are vital to its success. These partners come from various industries, each bringing unique strengths and a shared commitment to the cancer fight. In addition to the sponsored logo space on the Cybertruck, advertisers will also have their logo and company name featured on the Million Dollar Cybertruck website, recognizing their support in advancing this ambitious project.

Weekly Updates and Community Engagement

To keep supporters and potential advertisers informed, the Million Dollar Cybertruck project will be publishing weekly video updates on their YouTube channel. These updates not only track the project’s progress but also highlight new partners and share inspiring stories from the community. Subscribe and follow along to see how this Cybertruck transforms into a symbol of hope and a tool for change.

Join Us by Driving Out Cancer

By supporting the Million Dollar Cybertruck project, you’re not just purchasing advertising space; you’re investing in hope and contributing to a future where cancer can be defeated. We invite you to join this movement, whether by becoming an advertiser, sharing the project with your network, or simply following the project’s journey towards making a lasting impact and creating a brighter future.

Together, we can turn the tide against cancer. Thank you for your support, and let’s drive out cancer, one square inch at a time.