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Used Tesla Model X 90D for Sale

Part of Tesla’s original production run of the Model X, the Model X 90D was produced from 2016 to 2017 before being replaced by its upgraded 100 kWh counterpart. With a mild range increase over the base model (the Model X 75D), the 90D’s 90 kWh lithium ion battery pack enabled a driving distance of about 250 miles on a single charge. As Tesla’s sport utility crossover offering, the Model X continued to gain popularity as a family vehicle owing to its passenger capacity and increase in interior space. Built on the same heavy chassis as the Model S sedan, the 90D trim of the Model X maintained a very low center of gravity and provided a secure, road-hugging ride despite the added height of the vehicle.

Amplifying the highway driving experience of the Model X 90D was Autopilot, Tesla’s driver’s assistance software. Every Model X came equipped with a version of the hardware necessary for the Autopilot program. In the case of the Model X 90D, possible configurations included AP1, AP2, and AP2.5, with Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) and (FSD) programs available for purchase.

For the interior of the Model X 90D, a luxury-feel with nods to minimalism dominated color and material choices. Ultra White, Tan, All Black, or Cream (2017) themes complemented dash designs in timeless Piano Black, sport-worthy Carbon Fiber, or classic Woods (offered in Figured or Dark Ash, Matte or Glossy Obeche, and Lace). Most considered the seating arrangements in the Model X 90D fairly comfortable with Nappa Leather, Synthetic Vegan Leather, or Multi-Pattern Textile material options. However, the original run of the Model X 90 did not allow for folding back seats, something that frustrated drivers hoping for more cargo space than the Model S. Later production of the Model X in 2017 remedied this situation, changing the movement of the middle seats and allowing the back seats to fold flat, adding massive amounts of storage capacity.

The exterior of the Model X 90D came in a modest variety of colors, with Metallics in Midnight Silver, Obsidian Black, Deep Blue, and Silver, Solids in Black or White, and Multi-Coat paints in Pearl White or Red. Early orders of the 2016 Model X were able to choose the exclusive Signature Red paint that appears on only a limited number of used Tesla Model X trims today. Complementing these exterior paint schemes, wheel options for the Model X started with the base 20” Slipstream design in Silver. Further customizations of the wheel came in three size options: the 20” Helix (in Silver) or Sonic Carbon, the 19” Cyclone, and the 22” Turbine (in Onyx Black or Silver).

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