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4 Tips to Sell Your Tesla Faster

Top 4 Tips to Sell Your Tesla FAST

Find My Electric is the largest used Tesla marketplace on the web. With thousands of Teslas listed and sold, we have the inside scoop on the best way to sell your Tesla fast. Here are our top 4 selling tips:

1) Competitive Price

Price is the most important factor when selling your Tesla, especially in today’s competitive market. We encourage all our sellers to view our active listings, filter by their model, trim, and see what other sellers are asking. More importantly, you can tick the checkbox on that page that says “Include Sold Listings” to view sold listings and their asking prices.

Additionally, Featured Listing customers have exclusive access to our expert team for pricing help. If you’re unsure of how to price your Tesla or just want some feedback, feel free to reach out!

2) More Photos

Free Listings include 3 photos, while our Featured Listing package can add up to 20 photos! The general rule here is that the more photos the better. Include every exterior side, a shot of each wheel, the open frunk/trunk, and full interior shots. It is also recommended to snap a photo of your Tesla info screen to confirm the vehicle details such as Autopilot version. Nice photos really matter in terms of buyer interest, so taking time here makes a big difference.

3) Vehicle Condition

We know it sounds basic, but there is a huge difference between a freshly washed/waxed exterior and one with rain spots, mud, or grime. Additionally, make sure to remove your personal items from the trunk, take your coffee mug out of the cup holder, and even remove the child car seat from the back before taking photos. Cookie crumbs on the seat and bunched up workout clothes are a big no-no. Clean, well-taken care of cars definitely sell faster!

4) Seller Responsiveness

Your online listing is just like a showroom floor, except you’re reaching thousands of potential buyers nationwide each day! If a customer walks into a dealer showroom, you don’t ignore them for a few hours, right? The same goes for your online listing. If someone reaches out, do your best to respond ASAP. Remember—there is fierce competition in the used EV market right now, so buyers are generally hungry and looking to acquire an EV ASAP. If you take too long to respond they may have already purchased another vehicle moved on to look at another option.

We’re Always Here to Help

Lastly, all Featured Listing customers have personal access to our elite level support team 7 days a week (yes—even on weekends too!).

Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us if you have any questions!

Happy Selling!
The Find My Electric Team

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