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Used Tesla Model 3 Mid Range RWD

A surprise in the Tesla lineup, the Model 3 Mid Range was offered without prior announcement to buyers in 2018, becoming the only rear wheel drive option of the Model 3 available at that time. With a reduction in range and performance times from the previously delivered Model 3s, the Mid Range RWD offered a driving range of about 260 miles per charge.

Accommodating the reduction in battery power, top speed on the Mid Range RWD was about 125 mph and acceleration time from 0 to 60 mph slowed to 5.6 seconds. While this sudden offering from Tesla was confusing for those waiting for the promised base price Standard Range RWD, the company hoped to use the new battery pack as a stop-gap option while production on the Standard Range was still ramping up. The Mid Range RWD option was discontinued a year later when the Standard Range Model 3 was finally released.

The sleek exterior of the Model 3 Mid Range featured a smooth front with a conspicuously absent grille, now the common design on Tesla vehicles. Paint options were conservative with a base offering of Solid Black. Additional colors included Red Multi-Coat, Pearl White Multi-Coat, Midnight Silver Metallic, and Deep Blue Metallic. The Mid Range RWD came with 18” Aero Wheels standard with the vehicle that provided excellent efficiency and a smoother ride, but for extra grip and cornering ability a 19” Sport Wheel was available with the Premium Package.

Inside the Model 3 Mid Range RWD, the stark interior, available in All Black or Black and White, came with few accents and centered on the 15” touchscreen control panel. Seating material was a durable, easy to care for synthetic Vegan Leather. For an additional fee, Premium features included folding side mirrors, heated front seats, and a center console with smart phone docking.

Autopilot, the driver’s assistance program now coming standard on Tesla’s vehicles, was included on the Model 3 Mid Range RWD in the AP2.5 hardware configuration. Optional Enhanced Autopilot included features such as Auto Lane Change, Summon, and Autopark.

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