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Used Tesla Model S 40 for Sale

Beginning in the year 2012, Tesla’s very first Model S sedan rolled off the assembly line and into the purview of the general public. Equipped with a 40 kWh lithium ion battery pack installed in the floor of the vehicle’s chassis, the car promised a 139 mile range with each full charge. A smooth rear wheel drive transmission in the 40 kWh sedan provided a sporty handle, and gave drivers the option of a standard motor or performance motor to propel them forward into the world of electric vehicles.

Those looking to adorn their Model S in custom style were met with a grouping of modest options to personalize their vehicle from the inside out. The dashboard, and overall interior design, was made to be sleek and modern, drawing its beautiful lines to snuggly house the vehicle’s 17-inch touch screen control panel. The standard Piano Black dashboard could be swapped out for Tesla’s sportier Carbon Fiber, a sophisticated Dark Ash Wood, earthy Figured Ash Wood, modern Glossy Obeche Wood, a classic Lace Wood, and Matte Obeche Wood options. The car’s interior color could transform to match the driver’s preference, with an option to choose an All Black, Gray, or Tan interior upon designing the custom vehicle. The Model S also offered standard multi-pattern textile seats or an upgraded leather seat option as an add-on.

From the exterior, the Model S was designed to turn heads in any setting. In fact, the 2012 Model S was the only year in which Tesla’s signature Anza Brown Metallic paint color was offered as an option to consumers. Model S owners could also choose from a Catalina White, deep Monterey Blue Metallic, Sequoia Green Metallic, sparkling Shasta Pearl White, standard Sierra Black, gleaming Tiburon Gray Metallic, and Solid White (2013).

A variety of wheel options gave consumers the chance to further tailor their Model S according to both style and performance. The 19” wheel options for the 40 kWh were designed with pure functionality in mind, and were the most durable of an option for daily travel. The 19” base option was popular due to its simplistic design and cost effectiveness. Tesla also offered the 19” Cyclone, 19” Slipstream (silver or Sonic Carbon), and 19” Tempest design options for drivers who wanted the fortitude of the standard wheel size mixed with a bespoke touch. Performance 21” wheel options were also available in the Arachnid design (black or silver), 21” Turbine design (silver or gray), and the 21” Twin Turbine option (silver or Sonic Carbon).

While the 40 kWh Model S isn’t equipped with autopilot software or hardware capabilities, as this battery option was discontinued after 2013, the vehicle offers enough benefits to make the 40 kWh Model S a time-honored option amongst the Tesla family. If you’re on the search for a used Tesla Model S with a 40 kWh battery, there’s no better place to connect directly with other Tesla owners than through Find My Electric – the Ultimate Tesla Marketplace.