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Used Tesla Model S 70 for Sale

In 2015, Tesla introduced the Model S 70 kWh battery pack option to the masses. Offering a range of 234 miles on a single charge, the new lithium ion battery pack option provided electric car enthusiasts with a reliable daily commute option with increased road trip capabilities. A battery and range upgrade compared to the 40 kWH and 60 kWh battery options, the 70 kWh Model S provides the comfort of an extended battery to power fun drives on the model’s rear wheel drive transmission. Drivers also have the option of opting for a standard electric motor or the performance motor, which gifts an extra boost for those looking to further benefit from the acceleration capabilities of the Model S.

In addition to the speed and handling capacity of the rear wheel motor, the 70 kWh comes equipped with a variety of autopilot options for those in the market for a Model S that pull its own weight. The 2015 Model S 70 kWh comes with an optional Autopilot Tech Package and the optional Hardware 1 option while the 2016-2017 model offers Enhanced Autopilot (EAP), Full Self Driving Capabilities, and Hardware 2.0 and 2.5. If the original owner decided to go without autopilot capabilities in the vehicle, the hardware and software can be added at a later date.

The interior of the Model S 70 kWh is marked by Tesla’s signature 17-inch touch screen control panel that sits in the center of the dashboard. Model S owners are also met with a bundle of interior design options. Upon designing the vehicle, owners could choose between all black, gray, tan, or ultra-white (2017) interior themes, standard multi-pattern textile seats, leather seats, or a vegan leather seat option (2016-2017). The interior design takes inspiration from the modern and futuristic concepts that inspired the company as a whole.

From the perspective of onlookers, the Model S 70 kWh is hard to miss with its nearly silent hum and eye-catching exterior design. Between the years of 2015-2017 consumers could design the 70 kWh Model S with a dozen paint varieties, including the popular Obsidian Black Metallic and the more rare Titanium Metallic (2015-2016).  A grouping of 19” standard and 21” performance wheel options give drivers the opportunity to personalize their Model S according to their functional needs and personal preferences.

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