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Used Tesla Model S 75D for Sale

In 2016, Tesla presented their 75D Model S sedan option. The standard 75 kWh lithium-ion battery pack gave an up to 304 mile range per full charge, making this a solid choice for commuters.

Customers who wished to customize the interior of their vehicle had the option of choosing an All Black, Black and White, Gray (2016), Tan (2016 & 2017), Ultra White (2017), or Cream (2018 & 2019) interior to pair with the Model S 75D’s seats, which have been offered in synthetic leather since 2016, but also in multi-pattern textile or genuine leather in the 2016 and 2017 75D models. Additionally, the basic Piano Black dashboard option could be traded for the modern Carbon Fiber, an elegant Dark Ash Wood, the refined Figured Ash Wood, a striking Glossy Obeche Wood, a polished Lace Wood, the Matte Obeche Wood, or, since 2019, the refined Oak Wood. These various options all set off the 75D’s 17-inch touch control panel nicely.

For exterior customization, the Model S 75D offered a solid range of options: classic Solid Black; Solid White (2016); striking Deep Blue Metallic or Midnight Silver Metallic; sleek Pearl White or Red Multi-Coat; Obsidian Black Metallic or Silver Metallic (2016, 2017, & 2018); or Titanium Metallic (2016). Whatever the color, the Model S 75D was a head-turner!

As always, Tesla offered a wide range of wheel options for the 75 kWh. For practicality and efficiency, the 19” wheel options for the 75D were ideal for the wear and tear of everyday driving. The cost-effective, streamlined 19” base option was the standard and most popular choice. For a more tailored choice, Tesla offered several other 19” options: Cyclone, Slipstream (in silver or Sonic Carbon), or Tempest. Performance 21” wheel options were also available in the black or silver Arachnid design, the 21” Turbine design in Silver or Gray, and the 21” Twin Turbine option (in Silver or Sonic Carbon).

The Model S 75D came with several autopilot software options. The standard Base Autopilot (with hardware being offered in either the 2.5 or 3.0 option) could be upgraded to an Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) or Full Self Driving (FSD). Alternatively, buyers had the option of having no autopilot, though the car’s system will still remain hardware capable.

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