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Used Tesla Model S Long Range Plus AWD

Extending the range of the Tesla Model S to about 400 miles, the Model S Long Range Plus AWD demonstrated an increase in efficiency over previous iterations that took range anxiety head on. With the Tesla Supercharger network expanding and the distance on a single charge increasing, the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus offered drivers extra incentive to buy a Tesla sedan. The performance of the Long Range Plus was as astounding as ever, treating drivers to a 0 to 60 acceleration of 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph. Advances in Tesla’s suspension technology offered a smoother ride and generally better handling by 2020.

Autopilot on the long range plus was hardware standard and came in AP2.5 and AP3 configurations. Full Self Driving (FSD), Enhanced Autopilot (EAP), and Base Autopilot were all available for the Long Range Plus, and included driving assistance software that continues to improve for both highway and city driving.

Wheel options on the Long Range Plus varied according to taste, but the base 19” wheel remained popular. Other 19” wheel options included the Tempest, Cyclone, and Slipstream (in Sonic Carbon or Silver). The 21” performance wheels also proved popular, as they added to the cornering ability of the Model S and provided an edgier look. The available 21” designs were Twin Turbine (in Silver and Sonic Carbon), Turbine (in Silver and Gray), and Arachnid (In Silver and Black).

The interior of the Long Range Plus was minimalist in style, centering on the large 17” touchscreen control panel. Dash designs in 2019 included elegant Woods in Lace, Glossy Obeche, and Matte Obeche, along with the timeless Piano Black. The 2020 dash design reduced offerings to Carbon Fiber, Dark Ash Wood, Figured Ash Wood, and Oak Wood designs.

Vegan Leather (Synthetic) replaced all other seating options that had been available in earlier years. Fans of the Tesla Model S are divided on the results of the switch to synthetic seating; some lauded Tesla for going even greener, while others questioned the feeling and quality of the synthetic fabric. To complement the dash and seating choices, interior color options included Cream, Black and White, and All Black.

Exterior paints by 2019 reduced to a conservative five options: Midnight Silver Metallic, Solid Black, Deep Blue Metallic, Red Multi-Coat, and Pearl White Multi-Coat. This lack of variety, coupled with very little change in general appearance of the Model S over the years, had some Model S Long Range Plus reviewers commenting that the lack of tweaks in the look of the car was boring; others note that the Tesla’s design has not become dated and still looks quite modern compared to other sedans.

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