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Used Tesla Model S P100D for Sale

With a 100kWh lithium ion battery and dual-motor AWD, the P100D is the performance step-up in Tesla’s Model S 100 trim line. The larger rear motor of the P100D allowed for extra power delivery with a little less efficiency than its non-performance counterpart. With a 0-60 acceleration time of 3 seconds (without Ludicrous mode), the P100D offered an exhilarating ride and a generous range of up to 315 miles per charge.

The Tesla Model S P100D was hardware capable of carrying versions of Autopilot, Tesla’s driver assistance system, during each year of manufacture. Hardware configurations for AP1 (2016), AP2 (2016-2018), AP2.5 (2017-2019), and AP3 (2019) were available on the P100D for use with Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot, and Full Self Driving packages.

Performance on the P100D could be modified by wheel choice, and the 21” wheel options, available in Arachnid, Turbine, and Twin Turbine, offered extra cornering and a sportier aesthetic than the 19” base design. Still, the 19” designs, available in Cyclone, Tempest, and Slipstream (in Silver and Sonic Carbon), offered extra customization possibilities and a somewhat better wear and curb protection to the P100D. Tires on most used P100D’s will certainly have experienced a workout, as testing out the Tesla’s driving capabilities is half the attraction of owning a Model S P100D.

Exterior paint options on the 2019 Model S P100D were limited to Deep Blue Metallic, Pearl White Multi-Coat, Red Multi-Coat, Solid Black, and Midnight Silver Metallic. Metallic colors Obsidian Black, Silver, and Titanium (2016) could be found on earlier models, but Solid White was only available on P100Ds made in 2016.

Synthetic Vegan Leather, an option added to Telsa’s Model S interiors in 2016, joined Nappa Leather and Multi-Pattern textile as seating options in the P100D. By 2018, Tesla decided to simplify seating by only offering Vegan Leather. Ultra White debuted as an interior in 2017 replacing Gray, and was only offered for one year. In 2018, Tan was also dropped and the interiors Black and White and Cream were added. Only All Black has remained as an interior color throughout the Model S years. Dash designs for the P100D included Carbon Fiber, Wood designs (Dark and Figured Ash, Matte and Glossy Obeche, Lace, and Oak in 2019), and Piano Black.

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