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Used Tesla Model X 70D for Sale

Originally intended as the base model for the first production run of the Model X, the Model X 70D was available to view and configure on Tesla’s website before manufacturing began in 2016. Buyers could choose the 70 kWh lithium ion battery pack option with rear wheel drive and add paint, wheel, interior color, seating materials, and software enhancements. The 70D was designed for Autopilot hardware capability AP1, and the programming available for purchase included features such as Auto Park and Summon.

However, the Model X 70D never made it to the production line. Possibly due to a lack in interest, the 70D was dropped in favor of the newer battery option in the 75D. This drove up the price point of the base model, increasing the starting price by about $3000. To offer a more inexpensive Model X without changing the battery option down to sizes that Tesla no longer wanted to manufacture, another option was added with software-locked capacity. The new Model X 60D trim, a 75 kWh battery software-locked to a 60 kWh capacity, was offered within a year of the first production run of the Model X. The Model X 70D was quietly removed from Tesla’s website, now only existing as unrealized technical specs.

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