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Used Tesla Model X Standard Range AWD for Sale

Tesla dropped its battery-based naming convention in 2019, and the Model X Standard Range arrived as the lowest end Model X in a lineup of four. Sporting a newly redesigned drivetrain and enhancements to electric motor construction, the Model X Standard Range promised a driving range of up to 250 miles per charge. Manufactured for only one year and discontinued in favor of its longer range counterpart, the Model X Standard range was intended for family-sized occupant capacity and maintained the stellar safety rating for which the Model X was praised.

Autopilot, Tesla’s famous driver’s assistance programming, came equipped on the Model X Standard Range but included the option to purchase an upgrade to Full Self Driving (FSD) for added functionality. Hardware configurations in AP2.5 and AP3 enabled Autopilot features such as Autosteer and Adaptive Cruise Control; additional popular options available with FSD included Summon and Autopark.

The Falcon Wing door assembly of the Model X Standard Range AWD continued to be its most discussed exterior feature. Whether opinions were positive or negative, the effect was certainly distinctive among luxury SUVs. The modest paint selection was less noteworthy and contained a small set of classic hues: Solid Black, Pearl White Multi-Coat, Red Multi-Coat, Deep Blue Metallic, and Midnight Silver Metallic. Wheel options to further accentuate the minimalist body style included the 19” Cyclone design, 20” designs in Silver Slipstream, Two Tone Slipstream, Silver Helix, and Sonic Carbon, and 22” designs in Onyx Black or Silver Turbine.

With its five, six, or seven seat configuration, the interior of the Tesla Model X Standard Range had plenty of space as a family vehicle. Comfortable, luxury-feel seating material came in genuine Leather, Multi-Pattern Textile, and synthetic Vegan Leather. The interior color schemes of Black and White, Cream, or All Black complemented the minimalist focus on Tesla’s signature 17” touchscreen control panel and lack of extra instrumentation. Dash options to further customize the look of the inside of the Model X Standard Range included Dark Ash Wood, Figured Ash Wood, Oak Wood, Glossy and Matte Obeche Wood, Piano Black, Lace Wood, and Carbon Fiber.

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