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Used Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD for Sale

First delivered to customers at the beginning of 2020, the Model Y Long Range AWD was a compact SUV built on the Model 3 chassis. With extra headroom, cargo space, and a massive windshield/sunroof combo, the roomier aspects of the Model Y Long range added comfort to morning commutes or extended road trips. In fact, road tripping in the Model Y gained possibilities with an enhanced 326 mile driving range on a full charge. Despite the added size, acceleration times remained at Tesla-style entertainment levels, making the Model Y Long Range’s 0 to 60 mph jump in a near-silent 4.8 seconds.

Accessed with a keycard, the interior of the Model Y was distinguished by its huge windshield and sunroof, providing excellent vision for most, though not all, of the exterior of the car. The tiny rear window has been the cause of some complaints, but rearview cameras compensated by expanding the driver’s field of vision to help with backing up. Though dwarfed by the design importance of the windshield, interior color schemes came in Black with a Wood design Dash accent or Black and White with a White Dash accent. The Model Y’s comfortable seating material was made of premium synthetic Vegan Leather, and the seats were 12-way power adjustable with heating in both the front and the rear.

Despite rumors that the Model Y would mimic the Model X’s fantastical Falcon Wing door setup, the Model Y was finalized with normal rear doors, avoiding the headaches that were associated with the Model X’s rear doors. Colors remained conservative and consisted of only five choices: Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic, Solid Black, Red Multi-Coat, or the standard Pearl White Multi-Coat. Rounding out exterior features, the Wheel options on the Model Y Long Range included the 19” Gemini Design for best efficiency and durability or the 20” Induction design for improved grip and cornering ability.

Autopilot (Tesla’s famed driver’s assistance software) on the Model Y Long Range came installed with hardware configuration AP3, and the Base Autopilot functionality was standard. Extra features could be purchased with the Full Self Driving (FSD) software that included Traffic Sign and Traffic Light control and possible future enhancements to autonomous vehicle operation.

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