Deliveries of Rivian’s R1T and R1S are in full swing, and the emerging market for new and used Rivians is raging. So what 2023 Rivian truck price can you expect, new or used, and how much is Rivian’s SUV?

We’ve collected the details on new and used 2023 Rivian R1T and R1S prices in one handy place.

Let’s dive in!

How Much Does a Rivian R1T Cost?

The base price for the 2023 Rivian R1T ranges from $73,000 to $87,000 before adding any accessories, incentives, and taxes. Reservations are still open, and the current year’s deliveries are expected to begin in late 2023.

Currently, the only Rivian truck available is the R1T Adventure package. Rivian dropped the Explore from their lineup back in the summer of 2022, citing the need to streamline production to meet their delivery goals. The Adventure is currently available in three motor options: Dual-Motor, Performance Dual-Motor and Quad-Motor.

The Dual-Motor R1T Adventure package starts at $73,000 and maxes out at $99,850. You can start making that price jump by selecting the Max battery pack (adding approximately 140 miles of range at a whopping $16,000). The highest price then comes from adding the All-Terrain Upgrade ($3,850), a non-standard color (basically anything but LA Silver, from $1,750 to $2,500), XPEL paint protection film ($1,500), alternate tires (the 22″ All-Terain Dark Dark tires add $1,000), and a higher-priced interior like Ocean Coast + Dark Ash Wood (adds $2,000).

The Performance Dual-Motor R1T Adventure package starts at $84,000 and maxes out at $104,850. This motor setup includes a Large battery pack in its base configuration. The All-Terrain Package adds $3,850. From there, you can increase the price to its upper limit by choosing the Max battery pack ($16,000), non-standard colors ($1,750 to $2,500), 22″ All-Terain Dark Dark tires ($1,000), XPEL paint protection film ($1,500), and a non-standard interior like Forest Edge + Warm Ash Wood (adds $2,000).

The Quad-Motor R1T Adventure package starts at $87,000 and maxes out at $97,850. It’s interesting to note that the Max pack is not available for the Quad-Motor version of the R1T; the only option battery option Rivian has kept for the Quad-Motor version is the Large battery pack (which is included in the price). Otherwise, you’ll reach the max price in pretty much the same configuration as the dual-motor option: by choosing the All-Terrain Package, alternate tires, premium colors, paint protection, and pricier interior options (Forest Edge, Ocean Coast, and Ocean Coast + Dark Wood).

Rivian has cut down significantly on their configurator’s Gear options. Currently, there are only two: the Manual Tonneau Cover ($1,800), and a Wall Charger ($750).

It’s important to note that Rivian prices are subject to change, as Rivian is only offering reservations right now. This is a placeholder that gets you a place in line to purchase your R1T, and the deposit goes towards your eventual purchase price. You’ll be asked to customize and pay for your full build later, when your R1T’s production is queued up and ready to go.

How much does the R1T Launch cost? While reservations for Rivian’s R1T Launch are full (which means it’s sold out), the original base cost was $73,000 for reservation holders before the price hike and $85,000 until reservations were filled. The Large battery pack (314mi), powered tonneau cover, and Quad-Motor AWD were included in the price; otherwise, options on the R1T Launch Edition were basically the same as the R1T Adventure.

How Much Does a Rivian R1S Cost?

The 2023 Rivian R1S lineup ranges from $78,000 to $92,000 before you add options, incentives, or taxes.

Like the R1T, R1S only comes in the Adventure package with three motor options: the Quad-Motor, the Dual-Motor, and the Performance Dual-Motor.

Lowest in price is the R1S Adventure Dual-Motor variant, starting at $78,000 and maxes out at $92,000. Unlike the R1T, the Dual-Motor R1S does not come with a Max battery option. Instead, you can choose between the Standard battery (included in the price) and the Large battery pack (adds $6,000). To get the maximum price for this variant, add the All-Terrain Upgrade ($3,600), a non-standard color ($1,750 to $2,500), All-Terrain Dark Tires ($1,000), a Forest Edge + Warm Wood interior (adds $1,500), and XPEL paint protection film ($1,500).

The R1S Adventure Performance Dual-Motor variant starts at $89,000 and maxes out at $99,600. The Large battery pack comes standard with this configuration (adds $6,000). To get the maximum price for this variant, choose the All-Terrain Upgrade and add a non-standard color ($1,750 to $2,500), All-Terrain Dark Tires ($1,000), an Ocean Coast + Dark Ash Wood interior (adds $2,000), and XPEL paint protection film ($1,500).

The Quad-Motor version of the Rivian R1S costs $92,000 and maxes out at $102,600. You’ll reach the max price in nearly the same configuration as the R1S Adventure Dual-Motor option, with the exception of an alternate battery pack (currently, only the Large pack is available as an option). Adding an All-Terrain Upgrade, an alternate color, a premium interior option (such as Ocean Coast with either wood hue), and an alternate wheel set ($1,000) will get you the Max price for this variant.

Rivian’s 2023 R1S gear options have been whittled down to just the Wall Charger ($750).

Again, as we said with the R1T, the Rivian SUV prices are subject to change, as Rivian is only offering reservations right now. Your reservation is a placeholder for purchasing your R1T, with your deposit funding a portion of your purchase price. Customization and payment happens later, when your R1S’s production is ready to start.

So, how much does the R1S Launch cost? The reservations for the R1S are full, but the original base cost was $70,000 for reservation holders before the price hike and $84,500 afterwards. The R1S Launch edition came with the same options as the R1S Adventure, with the additional Launch Green paint color, Quad-Motor AWD build, and an included upgrade to 20” All-Terrain or 22” Sport wheels.

How Much Does a Used Rivian Cost?

With deliveries of the R1T and R1S still just ramping up, can you actually buy a used Rivian? Despite the wait time on new Rivians—thanks to the reservation-only status of Rivian’s current offerings—yes, you can find a used Rivian R1T or R1S on the market today. The issues surrounding the cost of a used Rivian, however, can make the price points seem daunting.

First, the market is still pretty small, with Rivian only just within reach of their 25,000 unit delivery goal from 2022. Scarcity does drive up the price.

Second, the long wait times from reservation to delivery means that a used Rivian, available now, has a price advantage. These factors keep current pre-owned 2022 – 2023 Rivian prices averaging around $82,000 – $120,000.

Let’s take a look at used Rivian truck and SUV prices individually:

Rivian R1T Used Prices

On the lowest end, the cheapest used Rivian R1T still sells above the market rate for a new Rivian, coming in at about $85,000 for a used R1T Launch Edition with no extra options or gear. At the high end, the Rivian truck cost has settled in at around $100,000 (typically for a Quad-Motor Adventure model with extras).

We expect that as more deliveries are made, the prices will drop. However, if you plan to buy a Rivian R1T now, expect to pay at least $85,000-$95,000 while interest in the R1T is high and the market is still strong.

On the other hand, if you are looking to sell your Rivian, now is probably the best time to get a modest return on your investment. If you’re in the market to sell, in addition to listing yourself on Find My Electric, be sure to check out our Rivian Instant Cash Offer page to see what a knowledgeable EV dealer is ready to pay for your Rivian today.

Rivian R1S Used Prices

The least expensive used Rivian R1S sells above MSRP, the lowest coming in at $95,000-$100,000 for a used R1S Launch Edition with no extra options or gear. The highest asking price for the R1S comes up to $120,000 (for a fully-loaded Rivian R1S).

Obviously, more deliveries will likely reduce prices over time. However, if you plan to buy a Rivian R1S now, expect to pay at least $100,000-$110,000 while the R1S is still a rare find.

Tax Breaks and EV Incentives

Currently, a new 2023 Rivian R1S or Rivian R1T is eligible for a $7,500 federal income tax credit. That’s a credit up to $7,500 of the taxes you owe, and it’s only applicable on one tax return. For example, if you owe $2,300 in taxes, the credit only covers $2,300 and not a penny more to use for the next tax season. If your 2023 tax bill is higher—for instance, if you owe $9,500—the credit caps at $7,500.

Please note: the $7,500 federal income tax credit only applies to a new EV purchase. There is a used EV credit on the books this year, but a pre-owned Rivian currently outprices the used EV credit pricing requirements by a massive amount.

However, you can still find state-level EV incentives and tax breaks available for the Rivian truck and SUV, and some of these may also apply when you are purchasing a used Rivian or when you set up your home charging system.

For residents of California, one current rebate for a new EV purchase (or lease) is $750 through the California Air Resources Board, and some districts in California offer used EV rebates that are even higher.

In the state of Texas, some residents can get a rebate for installing specific charging stations for their EVs through their utility provider. At the time of writing, SWEPCO offers a $250 rebate for Energy Star rated Level 2 chargers. On top of that, a possible rebate of up to $2,500 for the purchase (or lease) of a new EV is also potentially available through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

For more information on the EV laws and incentives available in your state, check out the US Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center. Additionally, Rivian maintains a list of possible federal and state incentives on their website.

Where Can I Find a Used Rivian for Sale?

If you are in the market for a used Rivian, there’s bad news and good news. Let’s clear out the bad news first:

Not all marketplaces that show off used Rivians are created equal, and many of them are cluttered up with ICE cars and terrible filters. Take one look at the EV section of the average used car listing site and we think you’ll agree: having a Rivian listed right next to a gas guzzling F-350 is pretty off-putting. And not having a good interface for sorting through battery sizes and package options is time-wasting at best, and downright frustrating at worst.

The good news? There IS a reputable, knowledgeable, and user-friendly marketplace for used Rivian trucks and SUVs.

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