If you’re checking out fast, convenient ways to sell your EV online and get it picked up from your location, you may have come across Peddle.com. Peddle’s design is based on a great idea: why not let people sell their car as quickly and conveniently as possible?

With a fast quote generator, a quirky sales pitch, and a slick site design, it’s easy to see how Peddle could be a useful way to offload an unwanted vehicle. However, what works great for an aging Prius or broken-down Dodge Ram probably won’t get you anywhere close to a decent deal on your used Tesla Model 3 or Ford F-150 Lightning.

Here are three reasons why we think you should skip Peddle when you need to sell your electric vehicle, and what you can do instead:

#1: Peddle’s Focus Is on Junk Cars, Not EVs

The worth of an EV has everything to do with its state-of-the-art battery system and energy-efficient tech. Unfortunately, Peddle seems to be a junker-focused program, and functional used EVs really aren’t their target market.

Peddle started out as a convenient option to connect owners of unwanted cars to junkyards. However, when it comes to dealing with EVs, most junkyards aren’t even equipped to handle a high voltage system. In fact, many won’t even accept them thanks to the danger a high voltage battery can pose in the hands of a less-than-knowledgeable employee (such as a dismantler), or a prospective buyer.

Peddle likely won’t go out of their way to buy your EV for a decent price when they know it will be difficult for them to deal with themselves. An EV sold to Peddle—functioning or not—would probably go straight to an auction lot, which means that you can forget getting a decent price for your options and features.

We’re certain that getting a good offer on your used EV only happens when you sell straight to an EV-conscious buyer. When you get an Instant Cash Offer from our Premium EV Dealer Network, you can expect real consideration for the tech options on your used EV. Whether the EV you’re selling is a Ford Mustang Mach-E, a Kia Soul EV, or a Tesla Model Y, you’ll be connected with people who know the ins-and-outs of your EV’s tech and features.

#2: Your Offer Can Change on Inspection

If you accept Peddle’s instant offer, you’ll be making arrangements with one of their partners to come to your home (or wherever you’ve agreed to see them). At this point, it’s up to you and whoever Peddle is contracting to get a date for the sale figured out.

When Peddle’s authorized representative meets you, your car gets an inspection. This is where things have the possibility to change in a hurry. Your already potentially low offer from Peddle is not locked in when you accept it; the offer can be adjusted when Peddle’s rep inspects your car, and the offer isn’t going to get better.

We’re not fans of scheduling a pickup when your offer still isn’t settled. That’s why our dealer partners will make an offer for your used EV that doesn’t reduce upon inspection (which is virtual, not in-person). That offer isn’t going to get knocked down when your EV is picked up, either.

#3: Unless Your EV is an Absolute Brick, You Can Get a Much Better Offer

You may have noticed from their name that Peddle doesn’t claim to be a high-end, top-dollar car buyer. They advertise solutions for unwanted vehicles and junk cars, using words like “beater,” “clunker,” and “dinosaur” to describe the cars they buy. While it’s true that EVs can sometimes become “bricked” (especially the Tesla Roadsters), this is pretty rarely the case for most modern electric cars—and often times this is covered under warranty anyway.

That said, even if you have an EV that you need to get rid of in a hurry, you probably don’t want it valued by a system that was designed to help people pull their rusted vans out of the backyard, right? The price that Peddle pays for EVs relies on the assumption that they will find someone else who is also looking to buy your EV cheaply, either whole or as spare parts.

Maybe this seems only subtly different from the average dealership, since most dealers are also looking to buy your car only to sell again to the next part of the sales chain. But the difference between selling your EV to an EV-focused dealership (or selling your EV privately) versus selling your EV to Peddle may amount to thousands of dollars.

We ran a test case through the Peddle offer system to see what you might get if you sold a Tesla to Peddle. For a used 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range in pristine condition with under 1,000 miles, we were quoted just over $22,000. That’s actually tens of thousands less than the going rate on that year, make, and model (it’s closer to $55,000-$60,000). We’re not sure if this was a mistake or temporary glitch on their system, but this is definitely off-base in terms of the actual market value for that type of vehicle.

When we see those numbers, selling your Tesla to Peddle doesn’t sound like a great financial move to us.

We actually believe in the value of Teslas, Rivians, Ford Mustang Mach-Es, and more. And we think you should be getting much, much more for your investment in an EV than a quick sale for a tiny check.

With our Instant Cash Offer system, we put you in touch with our network of vetted and verified EV dealers who are knowledgeable about the EV market and about your EV’s special options and features. They are dedicated to making your EV sale as convenient and hands-free as possible, with virtual inspections and pickup right from your driveway.

Selling your used EV can be quick and convenient without sacrificing its value. Check out our Instant Cash Offer and see what you can get for your used EV today!

One Final Note…

While it’s easy to think that selling your used EV through an instant offer system is the only way to do it quickly, there IS another way. Placing a listing on an EV-focused site can sometimes get you an offer from a private buyer faster than a dealer can give you a call (and sometimes for more money too!).

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