Most fans of Tesla and Elon will never forget the first time that Elon appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast (The Joe Rogan Experience) for the first time…

From talking about Mars, to simulation theory, to indulging in some “interesting” activities, that podcast was definitely one for the ages.

So, it was quite a surprise to Elon/Tesla fans and the world in general when the man himself appeared on Joe’s podcast for a second time—seemingly out of the blue!

It was definitely another good one, and we’ve taken the time to outline some of the most notable points below…

1) Elon Has a Lot to Say About Neuralink

Elon and Joe spent a long time (well, in terms of a two hour podcast) talking about some recent developments related to his AI-to-human-bridge startup, Neuralink.

Some of the notable points were the idea that Neuralink will be able to treat essentially any malfunction in the human brain by being directly installed into the problem area and stimulating it with electrical impulses. According to Elon, this includes diseases like brain function loss due to strokes, eyesight issues, and other related problems. While a lot of this remains to be seen, it sure is interesting!

2) Elon’s Selling His Many of His Wordly Possessions

As has been reported lately, Elon is in the process of listing various properties for sale and selling a variety of his personal possessions.

On Joe’s podcast, Elon stated that this was because material possessions are distracting, and he wanted to minimize distractions in a zen-like fashion in order to focus on getting to Mars and advancing Tesla.

Conversely, others have speculated that he’s selling his properties to raise cash in order to raise funding to exercise his Tesla stock options.

3) Elon is Pissed About the COVID-19 Lockdowns

Elon spent a decent chunk of time on the podcast talking about his frustration with California (and federal) rules and regulations related to COVID-19, likening them to various forms of historical oppression.

No matter how you feel personally on the issue, one thing is clear—Elon is pissed about it and wants to get the factory up and running ASAP!

4) Elon Thinks the Sledgehammer Blow was What Weakened the Cybertruck Window

Ah, the infamous steel ball breaking the Cybertruck window—a moment that most of us Tesla fans will never forget!

Elon stated on the podcast that they tested the strength of the window by throwing steel balls at it over and over again before the live demo and it never broke. But he also said that he thinks Franz hitting it with the sledgehammer prior to the ball being thrown “cracked the corner of the window” which weakened it ahead of time, leading to it eventually shattering during the steel ball portion of the demo.

5) Elon Wore a Super Cool Tesla Plaid Mode T-Shirt

Did anyone notice Elon’s super cool plaid mode t-shirt? We certainly did!

Sharp observers and serious Tesla fans will remember that this graphic is essentially an image of the “tunnel” that the 2020 Roadster drove through during its demo.

Did we buy one? Absolutely! Do we also own the Cybertruck shattered image “Bulletproof” t-shirt? You know it!

Things Missing from the Podcast

While any podcast with Elon is definitely worth listening to, we were disappointed that Joe never touched on a few key issues like:

  • What does Elon think about the recent UFO revelations by the US Government?
  • What’s the current status of getting to Mars?
  • Any current updates on the Crew Dragon launch slated for this month?

And those are just a few issues that we’d like to have seen covered! But nevertheless, we’re always grateful anytime that Elon stops to share his thoughts in a public forum.