With Lucid’s Air electric sedan production and delivery well underway, it’s now possible to get one of their state-of-the-art vehicles in your garage. But how much does a Lucid Air cost? Can you already find a Lucid Air on the used EV market?

In today’s post, we’ll walk you through the Lucid Air price range for both new and used Lucid Air sedans, the estimated pricing for the new Lucid Gravity SUV, and how (and where) to find a Lucid Air for sale today.

We’ll start at Lucid’s very first offering: the Lucid Air Dream Edition.

Lucid Air Dream Edition – 2022 – 2023 New and Used Prices

If you are looking to buy a new Lucid Air Dream Edition, you’re already out of luck. Reservations for the Dream Edition closed in March of 2021, and the 520 limited edition EVs are already finishing up their deliveries.

New pricing for the 2022 – 2023 Air Dream Edition was the same for both options, Performance and Range, at a base price of $169,000 (MSRP).  The Lucid Air Dream Edition came with all options included, so only relevant taxes and the $1,500 destination fee added to its price.

For a used Lucid Air Dream Edition, pricing is generally at or slightly below MSRP in today’s market. Fortunately, since the Lucid Air Dream has only been out for a year, most of them are very low mileage and tend to be in excellent condition. Expect to see prices ranging from $135,000-$205,000 for a used 2022-2023 Lucid Air Dream Edition, with an average used price of around $155,000.

How much is a 2023 Lucid Air Pure – New and Used

Lucid is still taking reservations for the 2023 Lucid Air Pure, but a few deliveries of the Air Pure have been made since December 2022 at Lucid’s Studio locations in California. As the least expensive member of Lucid’s current lineup, a new Lucid Air Pure starts at a base price of $87,400 and options all the way up to $109,900 with the additions of Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive ($5,500), a paint variant option (such as Zenith Red for $1,000), a set of 20” Aero Lite Wheels ($2,000), Surreal Sound Pro audio ($4,000), and Lucid’s DreamDrive Pro software ($10,000).

If you’re lucky enough to see an Air Pure on the used market in the first half of 2023, you’ll likely see pricing above MSRP for a used Air Pure during a short period of time before demand slows and pricing goes down. Expect to see used Lucid Air Pure costs between $90,000-$100,000 until the next model year starts delivery, and possibly about $75,000-$90,000 afterwards.

Note: these pricing estimates are complicated by the price increase that Lucid introduced back in June of 2022. At that point, reservation holders were allowed to purchase the Lucid Air Pure at its introductory price, but future orders were switched over to the new price. In theory, this means that the first Air Pure sedans to hit the used market will be $10,000 cheaper and should sell for less. However, this is hardly a guarantee in the current used EV market. With how fast things move, prices mentioned in any content can be outdated mere weeks later (and though we do our best to keep things up to date, at the moment, the market is changing very quickly).

How Much is a 2023 Lucid Air Touring?

The new 2023 Lucid Air Touring is now available for delivery. Reservations for the Air Touring are still available, and the base model costs $107,400. You can option the Lucid Air Touring up to $132,900 by adding on the Stealth Look with Glass Canopy ($10,500), 21” Aero Sport Stealth Wheels ($2,000), a non-standard paint such as Quantum Grey ($1,000), Surreal Sound Pro audio ($4,000), and Lucid’s DreamDrive Pro Software ($10,000).

While used Air Tourings are scarce at the time of writing, we’ve been seeing used prices just under MSRP. Expect to see used listings between $100,000-$135,000 for the remainder of 2023, and possibly $95,000-$120,000 after 2024 deliveries begin.

Note: like the estimates for the used Air Pure, these estimates for the Air Touring are complicated by Lucid’s June 2022 pricing increase. Some Air Tourings that reach the used market first will have been purchased for $10,000 less than the current pricing.

Lucid Air Grand Touring – New and Used Prices

Current base pricing for the 2023 Lucid Air Grand Touring starts at $138,000 for the standard model and $179,000 for the Performance model. Adding on Lucid’s new Stealth look, DreamDrive Pro Software ($10,000), and Surreal Sound Pro audio ($4,000) brings pricing up to $158,000 for the base Grand Touring and $199,000 for the Performance. The additional customization of wheels and colors are included in the price.

So how much is a used Lucid Air Grand Touring? Currently, used Grand Tourings are selling from about $110,000 to $150,000. While this seems to be quite a bit below MSRP for the Grand Touring, many of these used Grand Tourings (base model) were purchased prior to Lucid’s pricing adjustments back in June (and EV prices have been trending downward by quite a bit, anyway).

To confuse matters, the pre-adjustment price for the new 2023 Grand Touring base model was $139,000 before bumping up to $154,000 for a while, then dropping back down to $138,000. However, the market seems to be hovering steady at about 10-20% below MSRP for the Grand Touring in any configuration.

2023 Lucid Air Sapphire Price

The top-of-the-line offering from Lucid is the 2023 Lucid Air Sapphire, and reservations are currently open. The Sapphire is only available in Sapphire Blue with Sapphire Stealth styling at no extra cost. The price for Lucid’s electric super-sports sedan is a whopping $249,000 with all options included.

Since the Sapphire hasn’t started delivery yet (current projections say it will begin delivery in summer of 2023), there are no used Sapphires available. However, when we do see them out on the road (or, more likely, the track), we don’t expect that the used price for the Sapphire will come down very far from the quarter million that they cost now.

Lucid Gravity Price Estimates

While the Lucid Gravity SUV lineup isn’t expected until next year (current estimates say that reservations should open sometime in 2023 and delivery won’t begin until 2024), there’s already a lot of speculation about price. Many media outlets claim that a starting price of about $85,000 seems right for Lucid’s Electric SUV based on the original price of the Air Pure. Options such as Lucid’s DreamDrive Pro software, glass or metal canopy, and Surreal Sound or Surreal Sound Pro will likely have a similar pricing scheme to the current Air lineup.

However, with the Lucid’s pricing increases back in June 2022, it might be more realistic to expect the Lucid Gravity to cost closer to $90,000 and option up to around $160,000 (with what may be called the Gravity Grand Touring if Lucid keeps its Air naming conventions).

How to Find a Lucid Air Today

While Lucid does have a number of studio showrooms across the US where you can get a look at one of their EVs and place a reservation in person, Lucid’s sales are largely driven by online orders. Currently, you can’t purchase a Lucid on the spot from Lucid studios (which are, essentially, Lucid dealerships); the Lucid reservation system is still very full for most models and all vehicles are spoken for.

The trim levels of the Lucid Air currently delivering are the Dream Edition, Air Pure and the Grand Touring. If you are not a reservation holder for these EVs, you may be able to purchase from Lucid’s current Inventory page. For more information on current delivery estimates for all Lucid trims, check out our recent Lucid Air and Gravity Delivery Date blog post.

Can you get a Lucid Air right now? Yes, you can! With the Lucid Air Dream Edition and Grand Touring already being delivered, it is possible to find a used Lucid Air for sale.

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