If you’ve got a used Tesla to sell in today’s market, being able to value it quickly and sell entirely online is a fantastic idea. However, if the place you are considering selling your Tesla to is AutoNation, there are a few reasons why it may not be such a great deal after all.

Let’s talk about that.

Online dealerships have finally realized that seriously good money can be made on used Teslas. But when it comes to making offers on Teslas, some dealerships are definitely better than others.

Here are four reasons why you should avoid selling your used Tesla to AutoNation, and what you can do instead.

Reason #1: They Have Limited Expertise on Tesla Options and Features

Way too many online dealerships don’t know what a Tesla’s options and features are worth. We’ve talked about the shortcomings of selling a used Tesla to CarMax and Vroom in past articles, such as how each Tesla’s Autopilot (AP) hardware isn’t typically noted on their listings.

Does AutoNation try to keep up with the worth of AP configurations that may or may not need to be upgraded in order to run Full Self-Driving software? No, they don’t, really. Do they know whether or not the Free Supercharging on your used Model S or Model X is transferable? Nah. Forget it.

AutoNation does know that your Tesla is worth money in general, though, and they are eager to help take your Tesla off your hands. The real issue is that quite a bit of a Tesla’s value is tied up in things like software (base Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot, Full Self-Driving), perks (such as Unlimited Free Supercharging), or rare options (such as that sweet, sweet Signature Red paint).

And don’t even get us started on trying to get a fair price with AutoNation’s certified offer for a Tesla with aftermarket mods (let’s just say they’d like your Tesla better without the TSportline Satin Psychedelic Flip Full Body Wrap).

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Reason #2: They Buy Used Teslas with Questionable Market Research

Quick note about the KBB: Kelly Blue Book (KBB) is no longer the gold standard for valuing cars…and by that, we really, really mean that KBB is bad at valuing Teslas. Not only does the KBB not correctly assess the value of Tesla options and features, it doesn’t gauge changes in the used Tesla market well…and have you seen how crazy used Tesla sale prices are lately?

Guess who pretty much sticks with the KBB value during a used Tesla sale? Yep, that’s AutoNation! And while they have some ties to Tesla through their involvement in Tesla’s generous trade-in policy (they put Tesla customer’s non-Tesla trade-ins up for auction), AutoNation doesn’t seem to know much about the actual value of Tesla car tech. Traditionally, they are dealers in internal combustion vehicles, after all.

AutoNation relies heavily on the KBB to do its used Tesla market valuations before deciding what they can get for your used Tesla. Remember, they need to buy a used Tesla under the current market value to make a profit, and the lower they can go, the better. That means that you’ll be getting a lower value for your Tesla than the KBB, which tends to be incorrect to start with.

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Reason #3: “Never a Hassle” Means No Negotiation—For You, Anyway

Like a lot of online dealerships that make no hassle, no haggle offers, the hassling is only lower because it’s one-sided (surprise, you aren’t the hassler, they are!). No hassle sounds good until you realize that you no longer have control over a change in your Tesla’s expected sales value. AutoNation’s dealerships have every intention of changing the deal if it suits them, docking points and value from their offer when their final inspection occurs.

Important point here, if you have to drive your Tesla to one of AutoNation’s locations after you receive the offer, you’d better be going less than 500 miles or the offer can change again. It’s part of their cash offer clause. But, if you’re willing to risk driving all that way only to find out that you’re getting less than you’d hoped, at least AutoNation is located across the US, right?

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Well, only if Texas, California, and Florida are only the states that really matter. Which brings us to our next point:

Reason #4: The AutoNation Network is Scattered

Your ability to connect with a dealership determines whether or not selling your used Tesla to them makes sense. While the internet gives AutoNation a great way to talk with you about your car, they still want to physically inspect it and hand you your check in person. So where do they do these inspections? How do you get your money?

Well, you just take a little road trip to one of their friendly locations! Which may or may not be within 100 to 500 miles of you. If you live in Florida, Texas (well, not West Texas), or California, you may easily manage the trip in an afternoon. But if you live in most other states, AutoNation’s presence is pretty limited.

Getting a check “the same day” doesn’t sound as good if that day includes a lot of travel logistics. Wouldn’t it be better to have an instant offer system that uses virtual technology to its fullest and doesn’t rely on physical locations?

Bonus point: Find My Electric’s Instant Cash Offer program is available in all 50 states! And you don’t have to travel at all. Request an Instant Cash Offer today!

Where to Find the Best Cash Offer for Your Tesla

While we firmly believe in the power of the private sale to get you top dollar for your Tesla, we know that it isn’t always the right option for everyone. That’s why we’ve developed relationships with actual Tesla-informed dealerships across the country: to give you an Instant Cash Offer system that connects you with dealers who actually know the value of your Tesla’s options and features. 

We’ve reviewed and verified each one of the members of our network to make sure they can tell the difference between a Model 3’s PMSR motor and its AC induction motor. Okay, that’s a maybe/maybe not, but they are completely versed in the value of Tesla’s software and hardware options.

And never fear for the value of those aftermarket mods; our Instant Cash Offer member partners are fully versed in the most popular aftermarket Tesla mod brands. They’re well acquainted with how much value you added to your Model 3 with those aftermarket satin black TSV 20” Wheels from TSportline.

Earlier we mentioned physical meetups and location as a major downside of AutoNation’s cash offer, but Find My Electric’s dealer partners try to do as much as they can virtually. An inspection can be as easy as a video call. And pickup of your Tesla can even be arranged from your driveway!

One awesome thing about our Instant Cash Offer program is that EV and used Tesla dealers bid against each other to bring YOU the highest offer! 

There’s never been a better time to get a fantastic sales price for your used Tesla. Check out Find My Electric’s Instant Cash Offer page to get started, or be bold and play both markets at once by setting up a listing with us today!