Right now, Tesla manufactures two SUVs: the Model X and the Model Y (well, because the Y is technically based on the Model 3 chassis, it’s actually a CUV or Crossover Utility Vehicle…basically, a small SUV). But which Tesla is right for you in today’s market?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the current market, pros and cons of a used Model X and a new Model Y, and where you can find the best deal for both.

Why Make the Comparison Between Used vs. New Teslas?

For starters, you’ll find it hard to ignore the price difference for the Model X vs Model Y when they’re both new.

Tesla’s two SUV offerings are in completely different price brackets, with the Model X Long Range currently selling new for about $105,000 USD. The new Model Y Long Range has fewer frills and comes in at about $58,000 USD.

To make things a bit more equal, you can find a used Model X from an earlier year at roughly the same price as a new Model Y.

Another reason to make the comparison? The current market for both new and used Teslas is crazy. The supply chain disruptions of 2020 have wreaked all kinds of havoc for car manufacturers.

At the time of writing, Tesla’s delivery dates extend out for around six months for any new Y and the new Model X Long Range won’t be shipped until late next year (2022). For anyone shopping for a Tesla right now, the time gap between the delivery of the two models (6 to 12 months) is a huge factor to consider.

Comparing a new Model Y that would be delivered six months from now to a used Model X that could be available now makes the gap more reasonable (less than a month to 6 months).

Ready to dive deeper into each model?

Pros and Cons: Tesla’s SUV vs CUV

The first step to finding a great deal is figuring out what features and options are essential to you. Sure, picking the Model X based on a comfortable driving experience alone is a no-brainer, but what about your budget? And if the longer warranty period of the new Model Y makes you feel better, that’s awesome, but what if a CUV can’t actually handle your towing and cargo needs?

Whether it’s a brand new Model Y straight off the Tesla manufacturing floor or a pre-owned Model X from someone else’s driveway, the best Tesla for your situation is the one that fits your vehicle needs and your budget.

Budget, seating, towing capacity, range, warranty coverage: all of these things have a different priority depending on your situation. That’s why we like making lists:

  • List features and options that you must have and do some research into their value. Think about how you would normally drive and use your vehicle, and write down your top needs. Ranking them can help you figure out your highest priorities (and where you might actually be flexible).
  • List out Tesla features and options that you think are great, but that you don’t actually need right now. Again, ranking helps you see how much they mean to you. Make sure to educate yourself on current pricing for these things, too.

Now that you’ve got your priorities written down, it’s time to see how these two Teslas stack up. Let’s check out some pros and cons:

New Tesla Model Y

If you are interested in an everyday driver EV that has more space and headroom than the Model 3, the Model Y is an excellent choice. Plus, the newest Tesla tech available is present in every new Model Y, with all the latest software and support for Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (though that will cost you extra).

The Model Y is a great single person or small family vehicle that can go from daily driver to weekend road tripper without too much difficulty.

New Model Y Pros:

  • Zero mileage
  • Comes with the newest Tesla technology
  • 5 star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
  • Tesla handles the paperwork and financing is straightforward
  • Full warranty coverage
  • Decent headroom for the tall among us
  • A comfy five-person cabin, with the newest model offering a seven seat configuration
  • Good storage capacity
  • All Wheel Drive (AWD)
  • Has a multitude of cameras, even interior ones to help you keep tabs on kids or pets in the back seat
  • Compact size makes for easier parking and takes up less space in a garage
  • Light craft towing available with purchase of the Towing Package

New Model Y Cons

  • There’s a significant lead time on new Model Y deliveries (at the time of writing, that lead time is long: about six months from order to delivery)
  • Tesla is still working out some factory build kinks
  • The price continues to increase
  • Looks like an egg (sorry, but it does, especially in the base Pearl White Multi-Coat paint)
  • All the cameras bring up privacy concerns
  • The cargo space is smaller than in the Model X
  • Optional third row is cramped
  • No air suspension (could be a pro if you like coil suspensions better)
  • Lower ground clearance (about 6 inches)
  • Fewer luxury features
  • Cloth seating options only
  • Higher taxes
  • Extra delivery fees, etc
  • No Free Unlimited Supercharging
  • No lifetime Premium Connectivity
  • Towing package costs extra, and is only for light duty (3,500 lbs)

Used Model X

If you are a cargo hauler on the regular and love extra luxury and passenger space, the used Model X is probably more your style. Maybe it doesn’t have the latest and greatest tech from Tesla, but it does have pretty recent tech offerings. Tesla is always providing over-the-air updates, so you really aren’t missing out unless there are Autopilot features that your hardware can’t handle.

Performance and acceleration are still top-notch for any year or trim of the Model X, and the style is undeniable. Plus, used Model X’s are available now rather than in half a year.

Used Model X Pros:

  • Available now
  • Range loss is minimal, especially if mileage is still under 100,000 miles
  • Luxury interior and features (heated steering wheel)
  • Cloth or leather seats (leather is 2017-2018 only)
  • Adjustable air suspension
  • Higher ground clearance (about 8 inches)
  • Exceptional audio
  • Higher performance, super fast acceleration
  • All Wheel Drive (AWD)
  • Falcon-wing doors!
  • Seats up to seven adults
  • Large cargo capacity
  • Backseat entertainment options
  • Towing up to 5,000 lbs (standard hitch included after 2017)
  • In some cases, Free Unlimited Supercharging, Autopilot, or Premium Connectivity will transfer to a new owner

Used Model X Cons:

  • Comes with mileage and possible reduction in range
  • Have to go back a few years to match the price of a new Model Y
  • An older Model X can have problems with the falcon wing doors and air suspension
  • Short or no warranty coverage remaining
  • Somewhat over the top for a daily driver
  • Slower Supercharging (pre-2020)
  • The 2016 model may not have a tow package
  • May not support Tesla Full Self-Driving features

Tesla Prices: New Model Y vs Used Model X

The new 2022 Model X currently comes only in Long Range (about $105,000) and Plaid (about $120,000) trims. Thanks to the current supply strain on the new and used car market, a used Model X from 2020 and 2021 will fetch a similar price. Or even higher.

Why can you find a higher price on a used Tesla Model X than a new one? Well, if you had to wait nearly a year to drive your new Model X, you might be willing to shell out more cash for a nearly new Model X that you could drive next month. Springing for the current price of the Model X, especially from the most recent years (2020-2021), is no small decision.

However, the equation changes for a pre-2020 used Model X. A low-mileage 2016 Model X in good condition can be found for close to $60,000, just shy of the Y’s base price of $58,000 (before the delivery fee, etc). From 2017-2019, pre-owned Model X prices average from $65,000-$90,000.

A new Tesla Model Y will cost you a minimum of $58,000 before delivery and other fees, while current used (but nearly new) prices range anywhere from $50,000 (for the Standard Range trim) to $70,000-$80,000 for higher trim levels.

Now that you know more about what your vehicle needs are and how much your budget can handle, where do you go to find a Tesla SUV?

Fantastical Tesla Deals and Where to Find Them

Obviously, if you’re looking to buy a new Tesla Model Y, you’re heading to Tesla’s website.

However, what if you could find one that was nearly new for about the same price, available today (rather than in six months)? Throw a few used Tesla Model X listings in the mix for easy comparison, and you’d have the perfect place to see what’s available, right now.

That’s where we come in.

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